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Tooltime for eDirectory - May 25, 2005

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature

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Posted: 25 May 2005

Cool Solutions has gathered a lot of eDirectory tools over the past few years. Many are free, some are shareware, and some are eval copies of commercial products. We regularly feature a new set of tools from the Novell eDirectory Cool Tools grab bag.

Featured eDirectory Tools - May 25, 2005

This week's featured Novell eDirectory tools:

eDirectory Backup Script for Linux
Freeware, by Mark Batchelor
Contents: Shell script file
Notes: Get backups of eDirectory from a Linux box. You can even schedule it; it backs up multiple trees and manages backup and archival directories.

NDS User Objects Engine v2.5 - Automates bulk operations on user objects (e.g. renaming multiple user IDs, creation of alias objects).
Evaluation, by CompIntelliSystems
Contents: .zip file with application and readme
Notes: This tool is designed to help network administrators quickly and safely rename multiple User objects in the NDS tree using Given Name and Surname attributes, in order to comply with new corporate name standards. The new version presents a considerably redesigned and enhanced application with the GUI interface, additional functionality that is expandable to deliver new features, and a high level of customization to address specific needs of virtually any organization.

USERPASS - Allow changing of passwords for many users from a text file.
Freeware by DJack
Contents: .zip file
Notes: USERPASS.NLM is designed for changing the passwords of many users existing at the same context as a server.

MassUser 3.03.30 (HomesPlus) - UA utility for (re)creation and maintenance of home directories and some user attributes.
Trial, by Hans Boone
Contents: .zip file
Notes: You can use the program to create new home directories, or use the program for re-creation of the HOME DIRECTORY attribute in the NDS after a migration, and so on. The program has a few different user selection options, e.g.: Context, Group or LDIF file, CSV file, and more.

Volume Reporter 1.3 - Creates an HTML report about the status of the volumes on your network.
Freeware by Brian Higgins
Contents: .zip file
Notes: This utility will scan eDirectory for volume object and report on their status. The output from the program is written to an HTML file. Style sheets can be used to alter the layout of the HTML report to suit your organization's style.

Whois v2.1.0 - Get Internet Host Information.
Free by Victor Kulichkin
Contents: .zip file
Notes: Fulfills some functions of the similar Linux / UNIX command in the Windows environment. With this software you can get information for a host from the Internet Whois databases.

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