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Basics: Adding Chinese or Japanese Characters to an English Open Office document

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By Stomfi

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Posted: 16 May 2005

Question: When using SUSE, how to add a few Chinese/Japan/Korean characters (e.g. names of person) into an OpenOffice document which is mostly typed in English? Apppreciate your advice.

Answer: For SUSE

The pictures are of Open Office version 2, which I am testing because it has a database. The writer is the same. There are two options, to use the inbuilt characters, or to insert an image, setting the wrap option so it goes in the right place.

The first option is to insert some of the inbuilt characters. I don't know what these mean, but they sure look pretty. Click on Insert – Special Character from the menu bar. Select the Fangsong Ti font.

You will see this window:

Scroll down until you find the subset you need. I found this one:

Who knows what these mean. I'll select one and see what happens.

Hello StomfiChopSuey!

The other option is to save the name as a graphic and use the Insert menu to select it and paste it. You can right click on the pasted graphic and change its wrap options to get it into the right place.

Here's the insert picture dialog:

Another good place to visit for help on any Open Office topic is

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