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Posted: 8 Jun 2005

The pre-beta docs for NVDS (Novell Virtual Directory Services) on Novell Forge are listed and briefly described below. At a later date these will be part of the NDK. Note that you'll need to log in through your Novell account (free) to access the documents.

About NVDS*

Novell® Virtual Directory Services (NVDS) is an embeddable directory service that provides identity integration with other directories. By embedding NVDS, directory-enabled applications can seamlessly integrate with other sources of identities such as eDirectory and Active Directory. The applications can maintain, but not share, their own unique characteristics for the identities in the corporate directory.

NVDS provides a directory service that is highly scalable, secure, and modular. It can store and manage millions of objects, such as users, applications, network devices, and data. It runs on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, NetWare), is extensible, and modular. The application with NVDS embedded can select, configure, and optimize the directory so that it stores just what the application requires.

NVDS provides Web-based and wireless management capabilities, allowing you to access and manage the directory, users, access rights, and network resources from a Web browser and a variety of handheld devices.

*from the Novell documentation

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