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Sneaking Peeks at Sequoia

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By Jon Myers

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Posted: 19 May 2005

Jon Myers, the Marketing guy over GroupWise, has been living and breathing Sequoia (the next version of GroupWise) for quite awhile now, and he's dying to talk about it. We figured Cool Solutions was the perfect spot to turn him loose. Check out this new series, and if you have any questions you don't see answered, let us know and we'll pass them along to Jon.

So you're curious about Sequoia? Yeah, I know you are. My email is flooded with inquiries, my phone is ringing out of control with people wanting to know more about Sequoia; and I'm ready to give you a small sampling. Think of this as the first appetizer in a 7 course meal.

One of the features in Sequoia that has sped up my work is the new ability to easily collaborate all day out of one single view. Welcome to MyDay, the view of GroupWise that enables extreme productivity. MyDay is the ability to customize what you want to see on your GroupWise screen. For today, I'll focus on just one aspect of this wonderful view, the menu bars.

GroupWise 6.5 gives you a folder tree on the left-most panel and a very useful main menu at the top of the client. In Sequoia, you can turn those on or off, depending on how you prefer to work. So why would you turn them off?

Well, many right-clickers only rarely access the main menu that gives you file, edit, view and other handy tools. For you, perhaps having that menu be a drop down is good enough. You can set it up to be on, or off, but either way its always close by in a drop down if you need it.

As for the folder tree, many people simply use this for its cabinet and underlying folders. Others use the tree just for navigation (which will no longer be necessary but I'll cover that in a later course in your meal). Some right click for those functions. Whatever your style, however you are the most productive, you can set Sequoia up just for you. For example, in Sequoia, you can either turn off the folder tree so you don't see it, or you can keep it on but set it so that you can either see the full tree, or just the relevant pieces to the view you are in by using a simple folder tree.

As I've used Sequoia for the last while I've realized huge gains in productivity partly because the menus and folders I don't often use aren't there to distract my eye. I absolutely love this new native client! My wife is even jealous of the time I spend with it! Yeah, its that cool...

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