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THE BUZZ - 26 May 2005

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature
By Richard Bliss

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Posted: 26 May 2005

This week GroupWise showed up in an Analyst report by the Radicati Group as a strong alternative to Lotus Notes. New independent market research for GroupWise is being conducted to determine what people are thinking about their future deployment plans.

Have you heard?...Novell GroupWise and Lotus Notes

The Radicati Group, recently published a white paper on the results of their survey of Lotus Notes customers. The results of the survey, published in a free downloadable paper, show that only 21% of those surveyed are planning on deploying IBM Workplace.

Currently IBM is struggling with communicating a clear and understandable message around their collaboration strategy.

Of those surveyed, Radicati reports that 20% are planning on moving to a competitive product, listing Novell GroupWise as one of the products being considered.

Novell has established that GroupWise is the strong #1 alternative to Microsoft Exchange. If a organization is looking to move to a new messaging platform, Novell GroupWise is a strong consideration. The press release can be read at

Have you heard?...Independent GroupWise Market Research Survey

An Independent Market Research Survey is being conducted of the Novell GroupWise market. As GroupWise has surged in recognition and popularity and with the imminent release of GroupWise 7 this year, research is being conducted to determine how organizations feel about GroupWise and its future. Take a few moments to participate in the Independent Market Research at:

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