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Posted: 27 May 2005

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Web Access Management - Novell iChain and Beyond
The requirements for a Web Access Management solution have extended beyond providing known users secure access to a number of web servers; you must now provide that same level of security for users that may be merely associated with business partners, or even belong to disconnected departments within the same organization. To satisfy this evolution, you require the use of Federated Identity-Based security, using standards such as SAML (Security Assertions Markup Language) and Liberty Alliance. This session provides an overview of Novell's current web access management solution - Novell iChain - and introduces the next generation product - Novell Access Manager - that provides a SAML and Liberty Alliance-enabled access management solution, which leverages the Novell Access Gateway to provide secure access to HTTP and non-HTTP based applications.
Type: Introduction & Overview
Lee Howarth
Novell, Inc.

Virtual Office Installation, Administration, and Tuning
This session will help attendees understand how to install Virtual Office on both NetWare and Linux. It will also cover administering and configuring to make Virtual Office work with other Novell services such as iPrint, iFolder, eGuide, iChain, and GroupWise.
Type: Technical Tutorials
Daniel Shelley
Novell, Inc.

Troubleshooting Tips and Tools for iChain 2.3
While it is important to provide convenient access to Web services, it is also important to protect your network from unauthorized users. Novell iChain provides identity-based Web security services that control access to application and network resources. iChain enables single-point, policy-based management of authentication and access privileges. This iChain session will detail the most common iChain 2.3 issues experienced by the Novell technical support team. It will include a look at steps to troubleshoot most common iChain challenges and spotlight available support tools.
Type: Technical Tutorials
Jim Short
Novell, Inc.

Neil Cashell
Novell, Inc.

Configuring Novell iChain and Novell exteNd for Secure Portal Access
Novell iChain is an integrated security solution that offers secure authentication and access to portals and Web-based content. During this session Novell technical engineers will explain the options available with iChain and how to use them with Novell exteNd portal.
Type: Technical Tutorials
Amber Hardy
Novell, Inc.

Dale Maughan
Novell, Inc.

Barry Bradshaw
Novell, Inc.


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