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Posted: 27 May 2005

1. TID10097802 - Howto prompt iChain users to refresh session before expiration.
Cool solution for those wanting to warn their clients about expiring passwords. This is something we have sucessfully implemented at Novell.

2. TID10096546 - Configuring iChain to work with the DigiChat client.
Cool solution detailing steps required on iChain to get Digichat application accelerated though iChain.

3. TID10097226 - Howto install Session Broker without a floppy drive.
This new feature, available in iChain 2.3 SP3 interim releases, will allow customers to run session broker on hardware platforms that do not have floppy drives.

4. TID10097139 - Integrating iChain 2.3 with exteNd Director 5.2.
A setup that many customers are trying to implement - this guide talks administrators through the iChain and eXteNd requirements and gives tips to overcome the most common problems.

5. TID10097271 - Howto configure iChain to accelerate and single sign on to NetStorage on OES.
With the IE security updates, many changes are required on both iChain, the browser and the back end netStorage servers to get the setup working. This guide outlines such changes.

6. TID10096885 - Security vulnerability fixed: Can administrator an iChain server without requiring to insert credentials.
This public security alert was written against iChain a few months back and the fix is now available for download.

7. TID10095106 - Installing iChain 2.3 on newer hardware platforms with EM64T based processors.
The fix was just released yesterday and will be a huge help to customers encountering installation issues on newer hardware platforms.

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