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Installing a Mixed Node Cluster in VMware

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By Bhogilal Hirani

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Posted: 31 May 2005

Novell's Bhogilal Hirani details how to install a mixed node cluster (NetWare and Linux) in VMware.


  1. Install and create the NetWare node first.
  2. Install and create the Linux node next.
    1. Start iSCSI, NSS, NCS or chkconfig <all 3> on.
  3. Create all resources on the NetWare node.


  1. Start the NetWare server.
    1. initstrt.ncf (Starts initiator, connects to target, loads NCS.)
  2. Start the Linux server.
    1. iSCSI will start automatically
    2. Novell-nss will start automatically
    3. Check connections: iSCSI-ls
    4. Check devices: sfdisk -l
    5. Check sbd partition:
      /opt/Novell/ncs/bin/sbdutil -f
      /opt/Novell/ncs/bin/sbdutil -v

      cat /proc/ncs/sbdlib
  3. Start NCS.


Install NetWare node

  1. server name oesnw
  2. oestree/admin/Novell/ ?

Install VMware tools

  1. VM > Install VMware Tools
  2. vmwtools:\setup.ncf
  3. When the installation finishes, the message VMware Tools for NetWare are now running appears in the Logger Screen.

Configure iSCSI

  1. Create iSCSI partition using nssmu ? label iSCSI sbd (20Mb) and iSCSI data (500Mb).
  2. Make oesnw a trustee of the target objects.
  3. Connect to the Target
    • ION
    • iSCSInit connect
    • iSCSInit info

Set up Single Node Cluster

  1. Copy ncsinstall.jar to the snapin directory.
  2. Create the cluster ? master ip address
  3. Add NetWare node to the cluster.
  4. Use TBX to copy sys:system\_ldncss.ncf and _uldncss.ncf to LDNCS.NCF AND ULDNCS.NCF

Create the sbd partition on the 20 Mb partitions.

  • clstrlib
  • sbdlib
  • vll
  • gipc
  • sbd
  • sbd install

Start Cluster Services on the NetWare node


You should end up with a single node cluster.


Install Linux node

  1. Install gcc, kernel-source, binutils, make, Linux-iSCSI
    (Do not select Novell-nss and Novell-ncs -- will be done later.)
  2. Enter root password.
  3. Change the network configuration to have the following:
    • ip address
    • hostname=oeslinux
  4. Don't test the connection to the internet.
  5. Add the server to an existing tree with an existing server (oestree/
  6. Authenticate admin/Novell.
  7. NTP server
  8. User authentication method= LOCAL (etc/password)
  9. After server reboots check the following:
    • /etc/init.d/namcd status
    • /etc/init.d/ndsd status
    • ndsstat
    • ndslogin .admin.Novell

Install VMware tools

  1. Start vm to runlevel 3
  2. On tty2 ? login as root (su -), mount the VMware Tools virtual CD-ROM image, change to a working directory (for example, /tmp), uncompress the installer, then unmount the CD-ROM image.
    1. mount /dev/cdrom /mnt
    2. cd /tmp
    3. tar zxf /mnt/VMware-Linux-tools.tar.gz
    4. umount /mnt
  3. Run the VMware Tools installer.
    1. cd VMware-tools-distrib
    2. ./



Configure iSCSI

  1. Make the Linux server a trustee of the targets.
  2. Edit the initiatorname.isci and iscsi.conf files
  3. Initiatorname.iscsi:<Linuxserver>,o=<context>
  4. iSCSIconf
    DiscoveryAddress = <IP of Target Server>
  5. Start iSCSI: /etc/init.d/iscsi start
  6. Check connections: iscsi-ls
  7. Check drives: sfdisk -l

Install Novell-nss and Novell-ncs

  1. YaST -> System
  2. Install into existing cluster

Restart both the nodes..

Start oesnw

  • initstrt.ncf
    • ion
    • iscsinit connect
    • iscsinit info
    • ?ldncs
    • add secondary ipaddress <master IP address>

Start oeslin

  1. Start NCS.
    • /etc/init.d/Novell-ncs start
  2. Check sbd partition:
    • /opt/Novell/ncs/bin/sbdutil -f
    • /opt/Novell/ncs/bin/sbdutil -v (((((sbd view all)))))

Start order

  • iSCSI
  • nss
  • ncs
cat /proc/sbd/sbdlib should show /dev/evms/.nodes/oescluster.sbd
  1. Create an NSS pool on the second iSCSI partition using the NetWare node and cluster-enable it.
  2. Create a volume in the pool and copy some files to it.
  3. Migrate the volume to the Linux node.
  4. Issue the mount command to see the mount point.
  5. Make changes to a file and migrate back to NetWare.

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