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Posted: 10 Dec 2001

The Maytag Corporation has run an advertising campaign in the US for years about their "lonely" appliance repairman who never gets a service call. It seems Novell's Technical Support personnel are starting to compare the reliability of Maytag washers and dryers with NetWare 6. Its been nearly two months since the product formally shipped and, according to the call statistics, all's quiet on the support front.

Here's some cool data:

  • In the first month following the release of the respective NetWare 5.0, NetWare 5.1, and NetWare 6 products, NetWare 5.1 generated 167 percent more support incidents than NetWare 6. NetWare 5.0 generated 333 percent more incidents than NetWare 6.
  • According to the NetWare 6 Support Team, none of the reported NetWare 6 incidents have been show stoppers. All have been minor issues that were resolved quickly.
  • Novell System Test increased its Reliability Test Suite results for NetWare 6 by 6 percent from their NetWare 5.1 results. With NetWare 5.1, 99 percent of these test cases completed and 96 percent succeeded. With NetWare 6, 100 percent of the tests completed and 98 percent succeeded.
  • The End of Beta surveys are still coming in with extremely positive feedback. One common thread is the superb reliability and scalability of the product.
  • More than 85 servers in Novell's corporate tree are running NetWare 6. Some production servers have been running NetWare 6 for 80 consecutive days with zero down time.

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