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Install SUSE Linux Professional From your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server CD.

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By Russell Labay

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Posted: 15 Jun 2005

Russell L. Labay ( needs points

the problem

SUSE Linux Professional cannot find any installation source when booting from the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server CD1.

The cause of the problem is that not all network drivers are automatically loaded at boot time from the CD. You have to guess which ethernet card driver to load for your specific machine.

the solution

Gathering some of the information in Scott's article, NFS Saves the Day and information from, I was able to make a custom bootable iso image to resolve this problem.

Mount iso image 1:

mount -o loop -t iso9660 /isos/suse1.iso /suse/1

Now we need to mount the ramfs:

mount /suse/1/boot/root /mnt -t ramfs -w

Now you'll want to edit the /mnt/etc/sysconfig/kernel file. This file is a read-only file to non-root users, so we will need to make a writeable version.

Do this by the following procedure: (root image is mounted read only regardless, so don't worry about it)

mkdir /mnt1
cp /mnt /mnt1

Now open /mnt1/etc/sysconfig/kernel with your favorite editor.

Where you see INITRD_Modules="", you want to put the following:

INITRD_Modules="3c359 3c501 3c503 3c505 3c507 3c509 3c515 3c59x typhoon starfire acenic lance pcnet32 amd8111e ac3200 atp at1700 bcm4400 b44 bcm5700 tg3 e2100 tlan cs89x0 de600 de620 dl2k de4x5 tulip de2104x depca dgrs dmfe rrunner ewrk3 hp100 hp hp-plus 82596 lanstreamer olympic ibmtr eth16i eexpress eepro100 eepro e100 e1000 ixgb abyss fealnx ns83820 natsemi ne2-pci ne forcedeth ni5010 ni52 ni65 hamachi yellowfin lp486e plip 8139cp 8139too r8169 s2io seeq8005 sis900 sis190 epic100 smc9194 smctr smc-ultra sungem sunhme sundance skfp sk98lin tmspci proteon skisa via-rhine wd winbond-840 xircom_cb xircom_tulip_cb"

Now save the file.

Now make the new image file:

mkfs -t cramfs /mnt1/mnt /root/root

Now copy /suse/1 into /suse/2 (or any empty mount point)
and copy /root/root to /suse/2/1/boot/root

Now make the iso image: (Many thanks to

mkisofs -o /suse1.iso -b isolinux.bin -c -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table /suse/2/1 /suse2/1/boot/loader

Note that you have to specify both paths here, otherwise mkisofs complains that it cannot find isolinux.bin.

Burn the cd using your favorite burning program, and thats it!

Now all you have to do is reboot with your new CD, select SUSE Linux Professional (F3) and your appropriate network card driver will be automatically loaded.

Note that it doesn't load every driver, only the ones detected by modprobe.

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