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Using Terminal Server Client to VNC in Novell Linux Desktop

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By Girish Mutt

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Posted: 15 Jun 2005

the problem

Most Microsoft Windows and Linux users use the VNC (Virtual Network Computing) to control their computers remotely. Windows/Linux VNC running servers and also the Windows/Linux VNC running clients.

As we know, VNC is the innovative remote access software that provides authentication-based access to the remote servers and clients running the VNC server software independent of most platforms. There is some variation in handling the VNC session from a Novell Linux Desktop (NLD) machine.

The difference lies in sending the different control signals to the VNC server and choosing the right options to authenticate to the VNC server. This cool solution is intended to give the overview of how to use the Terminal Server Client that comes with NLD to access a VNC server. It will also cover the sending of different controls to that VNC server.

Suppose you are using the VNC viewer from a Windows client; you can easily get the additional options just by right clicking on the title bar of the VNC window. This won't work on Novell Linux Desktop client.

the solution

Accessing a VNC server with authentication

In NLD, from the Programs Menu, go to to the Accessories and launch the Terminal Server Client.

After getting the Terminal server client, under Log on settings, provide the IP-Address and protocol as VNC (since we are accessing a remote server running VNC server services). Then you are prompted to enter VNC authentication password to get access to the server.

Figure:- Terminal Server Client window from where you access the VNC server.

Sending different control signals to the VNC server.

The other common problem that we face is getting the different options to send various control signals to the VNC server like:
  • Sending Ctrl+Alt+Del signal to VNC server (If you are accessing a Windows machine then this signal will help you lock the workstation).
  • Requesting for Screen Refresh.
  • Requesting for Full screen view of the server being accessed.
The above options will work in a Windows environment by right clicking on the tool bar of the VNC window. But this is not the same with the Novell Linux Desktop (NLD).

In NLD, if you right click on the title bar you will only get options to minimize,maximize,resize or move the terminal server window.

In NLD, you get more options by pressing F8. The image below shows those options:

Figure:- VNC window showing the various options to send different control signals to VNC server that we are accessing.

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