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Novell ZENworks and Intel Active Management Technology

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Posted: 16 Jun 2005

In the new version of ZENworks Linux Management, shipping in a couple of months, you'll find some exciting new functionality that will help you recover quickly after hardware disasters, and lets you access machine ID information even when the hard drive has failed. Used with Intel AMT-enabled systems, ZENworks will offer a significant improvement in automated recovery processes. Here's a closer look.

System recovery in today's computing environments can be complex. Software projects can be managed by different teams or individuals, and changes to systems can come at any time. Organizing and deploying updates can be a logistics challenge. Also, many enterprises have a time limit for problem resolution. Unfortunately, the hardware and software information required for an efficient rebuild -- data traditionally stored on the hard drive -- is lost when the hard drive is replaced. The result is a tedious rebuild.

The Solution: Novell ZENworks and Intel AMT

Now ZENworks, used with Intel AMT-enabled systems, lets IT technicians accurately identify machines that have had physical drive replacements, regardless of the state of the machine's operating system (OS). Even when a machine has a new, unformatted hard drive, ZENworks can now instantly and accurately identify the device and begin the appropriate automated rebuild. Used with Intel AMT-enabled systems, ZENworks offers a significant improvement in the overall automation of recovery processes.

For example, if a system fails due to a problem with the hard drive and the drive must physically be replaced, traditionally, the IT technician must manually identify an image for that device and restore each of the previously installed applications and data. ZENworks improves that traditional process by rebuilding the machine automatically -- if it knows the identity of the machine. The problem is that, before Intel AMT capabilities, the identity of the machine was lost when the drive was replaced.

Intel AMT solves this problem by providing ZENworks with nonvolatile memory in which to store the unique machine identity. ZENworks can now access the machine ID, not only while a hard drive is inoperable, but also after the drive is replaced.

Additionally, ZENworks automatically identifies the machine and provides the appropriate image during a system rebuild. This includes restoring the right personality of the platform, as well as system settings, group policies, security settings, and so forth.

ZENworks used with Intel AMT-enabled systems dramatically reduces the time it takes to rebuild a system, reducing the costs of maintaining the corporation's systems, and increasing both IT and end-user productivity.

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