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Novell Linux Desktop Overview: Content Outline

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By Joe Harmon

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Updated: 20 Dec 2004

We plan to put forth a series of Technical Documents that will cover your migration from Windows to Linux. We put together a tentative outline below, which is by no means a commitment by Novell to provide this content. We reserve the right to change the order of the chapters and their content at any time. If you wish to provide feedback, we have provided a utility at the top of the page called "rate this" which contains a section for feedback. If you are commenting on a specific chapter, please include the chapter number or title in your feedback.

Tentative Outline:

Installation of the Novell Linux Desktop

Product Registration

Chapter 1  (updated 7 December 2004)

  • Dual Boot
  • BIOS Considerations
  • Installation

Configuring and Customization

Chapter 2

  • Monitor and Video Settings
  • Mouse and TouchPad

Chapter 3

  • Ethernet, Wireless, Modems, and Netapplet

Chapter 4

  • Sound

Chapter 5

  • Accessing Local File System
  • Access Other File System Types

Application and Business Process Mapping

Chapter 6

  • Zip and Unzip
  • Browsers
  • Cut and Paste

Chapter 7

  • iPrint with Linux
  • ISO and CD creation
  • Killing and Monitoring Processes
  • Searching for Files

Chapter 8

  • Collaboration

Chapter 9

  • Office Applications

Chapter 10

  • Applications Conversion Chart


Chapter 11

  • User and Group Management

Advanced Administration and Mass Deployment

Chapters 12 and Beyond

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