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Accessing Novell's Support Forums through Pan

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By Joe Harmon

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Posted: 11 Feb 2005

There is a great little news reader called Pan that comes with many Linux desktops. This article will walk you through setting up Pan to access Novell's Support Forums. And even though Pan is an application typically used in GNOME, it can be used in KDE as well.



  • The first screen is just the welcome screen. Click FORWARD to continue.

  • Now put in your name and address. There is no check done against this information, so it can be your real information, or you can post as an anonymous user by putting in bogus information. Click Forward to continue.

  • You need the following information for connecting to Novell's forums.

    • Address:
    • Port: 119
    • Short name for Pan to show: You can make this whatever you want. It is the name that your forums will have in Pan. An example would be: Novell Support Forums.

  • Now you will be asked to put in your mail server information. This information is needed for posting purposes.

  • Once you have finished with the setup, press SAVE and then FORWARD.

  • You will be prompted to download a list of groups. Choose YES.

  • Once downloaded, you can right-click on your groups and choose to subscribe. Then you can change your list to show only subscribed groups.

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