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Posted: 8 Mar 2005

Q: Does Novell support for Evolution on [random LINUX distro]?

A: Novell supports Evolution on Novell Linux Desktop and SUSE Linux. We do not support Evolution on distributions we did not build, test or release Evolution on. If you need support on Evolution for a non-Novell Linux distribution, please contact your Linux vendor.

Q: Is there a version of Novell Evolution for the Mac (OS X)?

A: No, currently there is not a supported version of Novell Evolution released for Mac OS X.

Q: Is there an version of Evolution for Windows?

A: No. there is not a version of Evolution for Windows.

Q: I just saw an article that mentioned Evolution for Windows. When will this be available?

A: As part of the open source Evolution project, an engineer has been assigned to start a project to port Evolution to Windows. The scope and difficulty of the work is currently unknown and there is no timeline available. The details of this work will take place in the open source community. If you are interested in helping out or following the progress, please see the Evoution community resources for development mailing list info.

collaboration servers

Q: Does Novell Evolution include support for [insert random collaboration server]?

A: Evolution has support for a large number of standard protocols (IMAP, POP, iCalendar, LDAP, etc) as well as support for Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003. And Evolution has support for GroupWise under development.

Additionally Evolution is an open source project and the community team is always interested in people developing new components for Evolution. If you are interested in learning more about the Evolution community, see

GroupWise support

Q: Does Novell Evolution include GroupWise support?

A: Novell Evolution does not yet include GroupWise in the supported version of Evolution included in either Novell Linux Desktop 9 (NLD9) or SUSE Linux 9.2. The community and development (unstable) versions of Evolution have some support for GroupWise 6.5.3 using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), however these versions of Evolution are not supported by Novell.

Q: When will Novell release support for Evolution and GroupWise?

A: Novell plans to release support for Evolution and GroupWise in the first half of 2005.

exchange support

Q: Does Evolution connect to MS Exchange 2000 or MS Exchange 2003?

A: Yes. Using the open source Exchange Connector, Evolution can act as an Exchange 2000 or 2003 client. You may need to install the ximian-connector rpm in addition to Evolution to see Exchange account setup.

Q: Does the Evolution Exchange Connector use MAPI?

A: No, the Evolution Exchange Connector communicates to the Exchange server via WebDAV. Microsoft added WebDAV support to Exchange starting with Exchange 2000. Outlook Web Access (OWA) also communicates to the Exchange server using WebDAV.

Q: Where is the Ximian Connector for MS Exchange?

A: The Ximian Connector for MS Exchange was open sourced and released under the GNU Public License (GPL) in May 2004. It is now part of the Evolution project.

Q: Does Evolution or the Exchange Connector include support for Exchange 5.5?

A: No. Evolution does not support Exchange 5.5. You can use Evolution to access Exchange mail via IMAP, but that is all. Exchange 5.5 does not include a documented third-party method (such as WebDAV) to talk to the server.

open source

Q: Where is the Evolution source code?

A: The Evolution source code can be found at:

Information about the needed source code components and building from source Evolution can be found on the Evolution project page at:

Q: Where can I learn more about the Evolution project?

A: Information about the Evolution community project can be found at

changes in evolution 2.0

Q: What happened to the Summary in Evolution 2.0?

A: The user interface was redesigned in Evolution 2.0 and the Summary was removed from the product.

Q: Where is the Shortcut bar in Evolution 2.0?

A: The user interface was redesigned in Evolution 2.0 and the shortcut bar was removed.

Q: Why did Novell decide to change [insert feature here]?

A: The design changes were decided upon and implemented by the same Evolution team as delivered all other versions. The Evolution team includes a number of people in the community who do not work for Novell. As an open source project most design decisions and changes are discussed on open mailing lists and forums. You can choose to help influence Evolution in the future by participating in that community. Please see this page: for details on becoming part of the community project.

recently asked questions

Q: Why does Novell offer Evolution only with your OS releases?

A: Evolution is redistributed with almost all Linux distributions. If you do not run either Novell Linux Desktop or SUSE Linux Professional, you can check with your Linux distributor and they probably also offer the current version for download or as part of your distribution. If it is not, information about building Evolution from source can be found on the community project site at:

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