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Posted: 16 Jan 2004

Are you starting to test Nterprise Linux Services yet? Check out this excellent resource that will help you during your testing phase.

Update: The author inadvertently omitted information from the original Lab Guide that addresses the /etc/hosts file changes required to avoid certificate warnings and associated service-access problems. This oversight has been corrected in the PDF below.

The Nterprise Linux Services Lab Guide is designed to help you set up Novell Nterprise Linux Services (NNLS) in a lab environment using a specific and simplified configuration. The configuration is limited in scope and is meant only to acquaint you with NNLS and provide exposure to the Novell products it contains. (Click here for the PDF Version)

The instructions in this guide will help you do the following:

  • Install a single NNLS server in a new eDirectory tree
  • Install all NNLS components on the server
  • Perform simple tasks to get acquainted with basic NNLS services

If you want to install multiple NNLS servers or create a different tree structure than the one specified in this guide, you can still use these instructions as a basic guide for setting up NNLS services in a lab environment. However, you will probably also want to refer to the information found in the following guides:

Check it out today.

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