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Duplex Printing Options With Kprinter

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By R Mohamed Razikh Ulla

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Posted: 21 Jun 2005

The Problem

When you add and configure a printer on NLD using the Personal settings, the additional services like duplex printing are not configurable. So configuring Duplex printing services on NLD to print 2 or 4 pages per sheet can be done using the bundled utility kprinter.

This cool solution basically focuses on the details of configuring and using the duplex printing services supported by the printer.

The Solution

As a basic requirement, the printer should support duplex printing. In order to configure duplex printing to print 2 or 4 pages per sheet, the bundled utility, "kprinter" can be used.

First, start the kprinter utility by executing the kprinter command through the "run program" window or on a console as shown below.

Figure:- Application Window of kprinter utility.

Following are some of the required tasks which can be performed by this window

  • Selecting a printer .
  • Add Printer Wizard .
  • Browsing and selecting of files to print .
  • Configure various print options.
  • Scheduling of the printer jobs.

Click on Add Printer Wizard to configure your printer.

After completing Add Printer Wizard, click on Properties to set print options.

Following picture shows the General Tab of Print options window.

Figure:-Duplex Printing Options

In the above window, options related to Duplex Printing can be set. If your printer doesn't support duplexing, kprinter will not show the option.

Image Tab can be used to set image formatting options.

Filter Tab can be used to set any required filters for conversions.

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