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How to Install NLD 9 SP1 from a DVD or CDs

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By Joe Harmon

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Posted: 6 Apr 2005


It is assumed that you already have NLD 9 installed as a workstation operating system and that you are only applying the Support Pack.


Before you begin, if you plan on installing SP1 with Yast2, then you will first need to stop the Red Carpet Daemon. There is a known issue where the Red Carpet Daemon will lock the RPM database at given intervals, which in turn will cause some packages to fail during the installation of the Support Pack. To stop the Red Carpet Daemon, open a terminal, su to root, and type rcrcd stop.

Download the SP1 DVD or the CD ISO from the URL.

Burn the chosen ISO to a DVD or to CDs.

Insert the DVD or CD1 into your workstation. You should receive an automatic prompt showing that there is a Support Pack to install. Choose YES to start the installation process.

Note: If you don't receive the automatic prompt as described above, you can start the same process by going into the YAST2 utility and under the SOFTWARE option, choose the PATCH CD UPDATE option.

Figure 1: Choosing the Patch CD Update option.

From the YaST Online Update screen, you have the option of whether you want to "Manually Select Patches" or to "Reload All Patches from Server," with the Manually Select Patches selected, as shown in Figure 2. Choose NEXT to continue.

Figure 2: The YaST Online Update screen.

If you choose to "Manually Select Patches," you should see a screen which will allow you to select and install the desired patches. Choose ACCEPT to continue.

Figure 3: The Manual Patch from CD screen.

There are not many things that require a reboot in Linux. However if the kernel is updated, you will need to reboot the workstation in order to use that new kernel.

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