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Install and Configure iFolder on OES in Coexistent Mode (Linux Based)

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By Aaron Gresko

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Posted: 19 Apr 2005

Novell iFolder is included with Open Enterprise Server (OES) on both the NetWare and Linux platform. Pay special attention when planning an iFolder install on the Linux platform. The documentation for iFolder 2.1.5, located here, should be read and considered when planning the iFolder install.

When iFolder is installed on OES Linux, it is installed in either standalone or coexistent mode. The Novell iFolder Standalone option will not be available if any of the following are selected for installation:

  • Novell iManager
  • Novell eGuide
  • Novell NetStorage
  • Novell QuickFinder
  • Novell Virtual Office
  • Novell iPrint

Installing iFolder in coexistant mode on OES Linux requires the following:

  • Prepare for the iFolder install
  • Install the iFolder Server software
  • Configure iFolder Server with YaST and the iFolder Server Web Interface
  • Tips for installing iFolder Server during OES installation

Prepare For The iFolder Install

Before configuring the iFolder Server with YaST, complete the following:

  • Add a secondary IP address for the iFolder Server
  • Add DNS information for the secondary IP address

Add a Secondary IP Address For The iFolder Server

A coexistent iFolder Server requires its own IP address, which is added as a secondary address to the desired network interface. To add the secondary IP address, do the following:

  1. Open YaST.
  2. Select Network Devices > Network Card.
  3. Select Change.
  4. Select the network card that will hold the secondary address, and then select Edit.
  5. In the Network address setup screen, select Advanced > Virtual Aliases.
  6. Add a virtual alias by selecting Add, providing the information for the alias, and then selecting OK. The network mask for the secondary address should be the same as the primary address on the card.
  7. Select OK > Next > Finish to complete the configuration.

Verify the configuration by pinging the secondary address from another system.

Add DNS Information For The Secondary IP Address

The secondary IP address must be tied to a resolvable DNS name. Configuration will depend on the DNS software being used in the network. The name should also be resolvable with a reverse lookup. Before configuring the iFolder Server, make sure the command host iFolder_Server_Name returns the IP address and host secondary_IP_address returns the hostname.

One word of warning---don't use the /etc/hosts file for name resolution. iFolder requires a working DNS resolver.

Install The iFolder Server Software

With a secondary IP address and DNS resolution set up, the iFolder Server can be installed and configured. If the iFolder Server software was installed during the OES server install, move to the configuration section. Otherwise complete the following:

  1. Start YaST
  2. Select Software > Install and Remove Software.
  3. Search for Novell iFolder, and mark novell-ifolder from the results list for installation.
  4. Select Accept to install. Provide any requested media.

Configure The iFolder Server With YaST And The iFolder Server Web Interface

Initial configuration of iFolder Server is done with YaST. Do the following:

  1. Open YaST.
  2. Select Network Services > iFolder 2.x.
  3. In the iFolder 2.x LDAP Server Configuration screen, provide the server and authentication credentials iFolder will use to login to LDAP, then select Next.
  4. In the iFolder 2.x Web Configuration window, notice the option for iFolder to run standalone is disabled.
  5. In the iFolder 2.x Web Configuration window, enter the following information:
    • secondary IP address
    • secondary netmask
    • DNS name for the secondary IP address (should be the same netmask as the primary IP address on the network card)
    • data storage path
  6. Select Next.
  7. In the iFolder 2.x Configuration window, add or remove users as needed, then select Next.

The configuration is run with the provided settings. Allow restarts for Tomcat and Apache if asked.

After the initial configuration, iFolder management is accomplished in iManager and the iFolder Administration Web Interface.

To access iManager, use the OES server's DNS name or primary IP address. For example, https://OES_name/nps/iManager.

To access the iFolder administration interface, use the iFolder server's IP address or the DNS name for the secondary IP address. For example, http://secondary_IP_address/iFolderServer/Admin. The iFolder administration interface is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: iFolder Web Administration Interface

Tips For Installing iFolder Server During OES Installation

To install iFolder during OES installation, the following tips will help.

At the Installation Settings screen, select Software. Search for and select novell-ifolder. Accept the dependency changes.

At the network configuration screen, add the virtual alias with the secondary IP address and set up DNS resolution.

If installing NetStorage, add the iFolder IP address to the NetStorage configuration.

You'll still have to run iFolder configuration from YaST after the install is complete.

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