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Changing the Login Manager on Novell Linux Desktop 9 and SUSE Linux Professional

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By Joe Harmon

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Posted: 21 Apr 2005

Most of you will have already decided between GNOME and KDE. Typically you would only have one or the other. However there are those who like to install both desktops. This is often done for administrators who are either evaluating or supporting both desktops.


Before you proceed, first verify that you have both GNOME and KDE installed. To do this, first launch the Yast2 utility and select Software | Install and Remove Software. Verify that the drop down Filter entry is set to "Selections." You can then verify that both "GNOME -- The GNOME desktop" and "KDE -- The KDE desktop" have been selected and installed.

Figure 1: Verifying that both Gnome and KDE desktops are installed.

Launch Yast2 and go to System | /etc/sysconfig Editor. You will see the sections Applications, Desktop, Hardware, Network, Other, and System.

Expand the Desktop Section and then expand the Display Manager section. Select the first field and change the existing value. In this example, I am changing my display from gdm to kdm, as shown in Figure 2. Do not yet click the Finish button.

Figure 2: Changing the Desktop Display manager from gdm to kde.

Now under the first section of the Window Manager, change the default value to the desired window manager setting. In this example, I will be changing the Window Manager setting from gnome to kde, as shown in Figure 3. Click Finish to continue.

Figure 3: Changing the Window Manager setting from gdm to kde.

You should now receive a prompt showing the changes that will be made, as shown in Figure 4. Click OK to continue.

Figure 4: Saving changes on the Modified Variables window.

Now reboot your workstation and it should come up with the other login manager.


If you change from the GNOME login manager to the KDE login manager and receive a generic gray login instead, then you probably skipped the first step and didn't verify that you had both GNOME and KDE installed.

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