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The Novell Client for Linux is now in public beta.

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By Joe Harmon

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Posted: 24 Jun 2005

Applies to:

  • Novell Linux Desktop 9
  • SUSE Linux Professional 9.3


  • The long awaited public beta for the Novell Client for Linux is now here. Come check it out at


Installation instructions and known issues are contained in the readme that comes with the product. We will cover a very generic installation just to get you started, but be aware that the client can be installed via the terminal, red carpet, or yast.

There are two builds of the Novell Client for Linux that cover our currently shipping desktops for Novell. One is for Novell Linux Desktop 9 and the other is for SUSE Linux Professional 9.3. If you are using a Novell Linux OS other than this, then you will probably have the best luck using the Novell Linux Desktop 9 build. We cannot guarantee these builds will work on any other platform.

After product has been downloaded, please make sure that your workstation has been prepared. To do so you will need to verify that the following packages are installed on your desktop.

  • kernel-source - Your kernel source must be the same version as your kernel-default or kernel-smp (depending on whether you have a single or multiple processors).
  • gcc
  • make

Reboot your computer if you applied a new kernel.

Now open a terminal and change to the location where you extracted the installation. At the root there should be a file called ncl_install which can be executed by typing ./ncl_install if you are already in that directory.

At the end of the installation, verify that the last few lines displayed in the terminal have indicated a successful install and then close your terminal window.

Reboot your workstation.
** NOTE ** Now I know that rebooting the workstation is more of a windows thing, but remember that even though Linux doesn't usually require a reboot for most things, a new kernel or a kernel change requires this. This should also be less of an issue when SP2 for NLD comes out.

Screen Shots (just for fun)

Novell "N" right click menu.

Novell Client for Linux login

Right click menu on files and folders reveal Novell properties, purge, and salvage operation.

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