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GroupWise 7 Open Beta Now Available

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Posted: 28 Jun 2005

28 Jun 2005—Novell announced open beta availability of its latest version of the most secure and reliable collaboration platform in the industry, Novell® GroupWise 7. GroupWise 7 features advances for end users such as integrated e-mail and instant messaging, enhanced Outlook support and a pre-bundled SUSE™ LINUX Enterprise Server. Unlike Microsoft Exchange, GroupWise runs on multiple operating system platforms. As a result, customers can reduce costs and increase productivity using GroupWise 7 to govern and protect their mission-critical collaboration functions.

"Novell's commitment to supporting GroupWise through 2015 is a strong signal to customers GroupWise can be counted on today and into the foreseeable future," said Mark Levitt, vice president for Collaborative Computing at IDC. "GroupWise's availability on Linux, in addition to other platforms, offers customers a real choice for firms looking beyond Windows."

GroupWise 7 lets end users adapt the client to how they work in order to optimize their productivity and efficiency. Enhancements include integration between e-mail and instant messaging so users can see in an e-mail whether the sender is currently online, allowing them to move to IM to immediately resolve long e-mail conversations. In addition, a new home view summarizes a user's most pertinent information at a glance, multiple calendars for a single user make it easier to manage multiple projects, and a quick navigation bar helps end users jump to the places they use most through a simple, one-click interface.

Read the full press release here

GroupWise 7 launch

Read about the Worldwide launch of GroupWise 7 at the GroupWiseR EMEA Summit

download GroupWise 7 beta

Download the beta here


  • Windows Client Enhancements: The Windows client has a new look and feel that includes the Nav Bar, Panels, Home Folder, color schemes, and new icons. In addition to the new look and feel, you can now create and view multiple calendars, create all day events, spell check as you type, perform Quick Filters, see the Messenger presence information for users, create HTML signatures, and control inline quotations.

  • Cross-Platform Enhancements: The Cross-Platform client has added many features including spell checking, rules, junk mail handling, cleanup tools for your mailbox, backup and restore, and the ability to set your default views, create all day events, and control inline quotations.

  • WebAccess Client Enhancements: The WebAccess client has a new look and feel that brings it closer to the look and feel of the Windows client. Some of the new features include the ability to drag and drop items, right-click on items, easier tabbed navigation, and name completion from your Frequent Contacts address book.

  • Administration Enhancements: GroupWise administrators have additional control over users' working environments, including granting rights to users to edit distribution lists, appending global signatures to users' messages, and controlling the appearance of the GroupWise Windows client interface.

  • Agent Enhancements: The POA now supports SOAP, so that SOAP clients such as Evolution can connect to GroupWise. The GroupWise Linux agents can now run as a non-root user and the new High Availability service automatically restarts the Linux agents if they go down unexpectedly. The Linux and Windows agents support IPV6.

For a complete listing of all major enhancements and new features in the GroupWise components, See What's New in Update in the GroupWise 7 Installation Guide.

additional GroupWise 7 beta information

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