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Posted: 20 Feb 2004

Did you know about the open beta availability of Novell GroupWise 6.5 for Linux? The product will ship the first half of this year and features native support for Novell's award-winning Ximian Evolution email and workgroup information management application for Linux-based systems, along with plug-in support for the GAIM instant messenger client.

"As many organizations move or are considering moving to Linux to take advantage of its increased flexibility and lower costs, Novell is there to meet them with the industry's premier communication and collaboration tool," said Chris Stone, Novell vice chairman - Office of the CEO. "With the combination of our recently acquired SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Ximian Evolution and GroupWise for Linux, we are the only major vendor to offer a complete, end-to-end collaboration solution for Linux including the operating system and worldwide support. With one of the industry's strongest vertically integrated Linux offerings, we're delivering security and mobility while reducing the cost of managing communication and collaboration services."

A Novell Nterprise product, GroupWise handles e-mail, calendaring, instant messaging, contact management, document management and workflow services across network operating systems including Novell NetWare, Windows NT/2000 and now Linux. While Ximian Evolution will connect Linux desktops with GroupWise 6.5 for Linux, the GroupWise Windows client and the GroupWise Cross-Platform client are also supported on GroupWise 6.5 running on a Linux server, giving customers added choice and flexibility. The plug-in for the GAIM instant messenger client will allow Linux desktops to connect directly to the GroupWise Messenger server included in GroupWise 6.5 for secure instant messaging within the enterprise. GroupWise for Linux runs on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux distributions.

GroupWise 6.5 for Linux is GroupWise 6.5 Support Pack 1 running on Linux. It includes all the standard GroupWise components, plus a new client:

  • GroupWise system creation using the Installation Advisor and Setup Advisor
  • GroupWise administration using ConsoleOne? and the GroupWise Administrator snap-ins to ConsoleOne, as well as other GroupWise administrative utilities such as GroupWise Check Post Office Agent
  • Message Transfer Agent
  • Internet Agent
  • WebAccess
  • Monitor (not available for Public Beta)
  • Cross-Platform client for use on Linux and Macintosh

To download the beta, go here.

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