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How to update SUSE Linux Professional 9.2 with Red Carpet

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By Joe Harmon

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Posted: 6 Jan 2005

  • There are two packages required for this setup, however these packages do not come with the OS by default. The two packages that we need are red-carpet and rcd. For this example these will be the only two packages that are installed. Go to and download the latest rcd and red-carpet packages. At the time this document was written, the latest packages for SUSE Linux Professional 9.2 were rcd-2.4.4-0.ximian.10.3.i586.rpm and red-carpet-2.4.4-0.ximian.10.1.i586.rpm.

  • Next launch Yast2 and go to SOFTWARE | CHANGE SOURCE OF INSTALLATION, and then add the local directory where these modules reside. For this example it is just my home directory.

  • You will probably receive a message about there not being any product information at the given location. Just click CONTINUE.

  • Next go to the Install and Remove Software section and type in red-carpet for the module and hit Enter to search. Select the red-carpet package and install it. It should install rcd as a dependent package by default.

  • If you are using GNOME, then you can launch Red Carpet and move on to the next step of adding a service. However, if you are using KDE, the link was not setup properly and you will need to add a small change. You can do this by adding a launcher or shortcut to your desktop for red carpet. Within the launcher window there is an application tab which will need to have the following command: kdesu red-carpet

  • After launching Red Carpet, the next thing you want to do is to add a service to Red Carpet. This is under the EDIT | SERVICES menu and add the url. Now click on channels and you should see a number of channels available to you.

Important: This service is not hosted or supported by Novell. The currently supported method of updating SUSE Linux Professional 9.2 by Novell is through YaST Online Update. Therefore, any questions or issues with regards to patches from the Open-Carpet site will need to be directed at

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