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Outside In: Novell's Remote Access Solution

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By Linda Kennard

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Posted: 17 Dec 2001

Corporations that have solid remote access systems are proven to hold competitive advantages over their most formidable competitors. Strong companies know that a well-connected sales force is a productive sales force. These same companies know the benefits of satellite offices when they have fast, secure access to centrally-stored files and services.

Novell corporate has taken an aggressive stand when it came to remote access for its field offices, road warriors, and telecommuters. But like other companies, Novell wrestled with the many-headed remote access beast for years. Novell Connection author Linda Kennard documented the entire, bloody battle. All things considered, the current solution at Novell offers much of what we only dreamt it would.

Read Linda's article to get all the details about how Novell empowers its remote employees securely and cost effectively. Here's a start:

Novell needed a new approach to remote access. It needed a solution that could provide access to the corporate network regardless of where employees were or how they connected to the Internet. This solution would have to be easy enough to use for all of Novell's employees--not just the technically sophisticated.

Naturally, Novell demanded a secure solution--one that would ensure that whatever employees were uploading to or downloading from the corporate network would be for their eyes only. Equally important, Novell needed a remote access solution that cost less than the small fortune that it was spending.

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