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Sneaking Peeks at Sequoia - Part 3

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By Jon Myers

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Posted: 7 Jul 2005

Jon Myers, the Marketing guy over GroupWise, has been living and breathing Sequoia (the next version of GroupWise) for quite awhile now, and he's dying to talk about it. We figured Cool Solutions was the perfect spot to turn him loose. If you have any questions you don't see answered, let us know and we'll pass them along to Jon.

In a previous sneak peek I alluded to a new feature that would help users reduce their dependency on the folder list. Today I'll expound on that wonderful new feature in GroupWise 7.

Now don't get me wrong, the folder list is a great tool when used correctly and I use it everyday to file my email in various folders within my cabinet. In GroupWise 6.5 I also used it to navigate between my email, calendar, checklist and other areas within GroupWise.

In GroupWise 7, there is a new feature that facilitates the navigation; appropriately named the navigation bar. The navigation bar can remove the need for a full folder list. I'll explain how this works.

The navigation bar sits at the top of the client for Windows* and comes with tabs for your home view, mailbox, calendar and contacts. From there, the sky's the limit. A simple right click on the navigation bar outside of one of those tabs opens up a new experience.

The first option you'll notice is that you can change the header text color. For those users who enjoy new color schemes, changing the header text color can be a blast! The second option is the header font size. The default is a standard 12 point but the navigation bar text can go as large as 20 or as small as 6 (though I wouldn't recommend those personally).

Have fun customizing your navigation text. When you're done, you can always right click again and select reset to default if you want to get back to native settings.

Now for more fun. Right click the navigation bar again and select customize the nav bar... You'll notice that your folder tree comes up in the new window with check boxes next to each feature. You can check or uncheck each of these to add or delete tabs from your navigation bar. Try adding a few new tabs and see what works for you. After you've added some tabs, you can sort them on the navigation bar by dragging them to where you want them and dropping them. Its just that simple!

I have to admit, this next feature of the navigation bar is my favorite. Right click again and go back to customize the nav bar... Now you'll see at the bottom of the pop up window a selection titled "color scheme." To change the look of the client, select a different color and hit okay. Try all of them and add just the right amount of variety and personalization to your GroupWise.

The new navigation bar gives you the flexibility to quickly and easily move between different views of your GroupWise and it gives you the power to customize the tabs you want to see in the colors and sizes that work best for you. Enjoy the open beta and enjoy your GroupWise experience!

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