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Sneaking Peeks at Sequoia (GroupWise 7) - Part 4

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By Jon Myers

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Posted: 14 Jul 2005

Jon Myers, the Marketing guy over GroupWise, has been living and breathing Sequoia (the next version of GroupWise) for quite awhile now, and he's dying to talk about it. We figured Cool Solutions was the perfect spot to turn him loose. If you have any questions you don't see answered, let us know and we'll pass them along to Jon.

We've been putting a lot of bright lights around GroupWise 7 this year and we're continuing to do so throughout the launch process. In this fourth article, I'll discuss one of the brightest additions to the new GroupWise that is sure to resonate with the thousands of GroupWise organizations that have requested it.

Multiple calendars have arrived! There are varying definitions of multiple calendars, so allow me to explain what we mean. In GroupWise 7 users have the option to create more than one calendar category for themselves that can function as independent calendars, or be rolled up into one overall calendar. For example, in my GroupWise 7 I have some events that are geared toward the launch of GroupWise 7 on my calendar, others that are for staff meetings, team meetings, press and analyst interviews, personal items and others. In order to keep these all straight I have them in separate calendars with separate colors and names.

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To see what I mean, in the full folder tree on the home view, or the folder tree on the calendar view, right click on the calendar icon. Now you'll see some options including "New Calendar." Select this option and a new calendar category will be added underneath your main calendar icon. To start using this new calendar, simply name it, and then click on the color next to the name to select which color you want to see those appointments in.

You can set up as many of these calendars as you would like. After you have them ready to go, start dragging appointments from your calendar and dropping them on the category you want them to be in. You can select either just a single instance of an appointment, or all of them to code to that calendar. You'll notice as you are setting up your new calendars that each calendar has a check box next to it. These boxes allow you to view one, two or all of your calendars overlaid in color at the same time in your calendar view, or your calendar panel in the home view.

Another must-use feature on the multiple calendars is the ability to share them. Right click on the calendar you'd like to share, and select "Sharing." This will take you to the sharing tab of the calendar's properties menu. Here you have the option to share this calendar with other GroupWise users by simply adding them to your shared list.

In my GroupWise 7, I have six different calendars overlaid in bright marketing-person type colors. To be honest, they kind of look like the colors of Skittles and I get hungry if I look at my calendar too long. I love the ability to use multiple calendars, view one or many of them at a time, sort them, color them and share them with colleagues. Enjoy this bright new feature of GroupWise!

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