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Sneaking Peeks at Sequoia (GroupWise 7) - Part 5

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By Jon Myers

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Posted: 21 Jul 2005

Jon Myers, the Marketing guy over GroupWise, has been living and breathing Sequoia (the next version of GroupWise) for quite awhile now, and he's dying to talk about it. We figured Cool Solutions was the perfect spot to turn him loose. If you have any questions you don't see answered, let us know and we'll pass them along to Jon.

The new face of GroupWise isn't limited to Win32 client changes. WebAccess has an updated look and feel as well as some new features that users have been asking for. I'll touch on one of those features today.

We have been asked by numerous customers for a better WebAccess. One of the ways these customers have suggested that we can improve WebAccess is by enabling drag and drop for mail items. I'm happy to say that in GroupWise 7, WebAccess has drag and drop.

So what exactly does drag and drop mean and how does it work? in the mailbox view, a user has their GroupWise cabinet as well as some navigation items in the left-most column. If I have a new mail item in my mailbox that needs to be filed into one of the folders in my cabinet, I used to check the box next to the mail item and then click on "move." This would bring up a new screen where I could check the folder that I wanted the mail to be filed in. This method still works in WebAccess for GroupWise 7, but now there's also an easier way.

click for large view

A user can now simply click on the icon, or the "from" name of the mail item they want to move and drag it to the folder in which they want to file it. Its just that easy! This drag and drop filing system also works for multiple items. To do this, the user can check the boxes next to the multiple items to be filed then drag one of those items to the appropriate folder. All of the items that are checked will drag with along with it.

Drag and drop in WebAccess saves time since the users can now file mail items without walking through multiple screens. This dynamic mailbox view and functionality is yet another reason to upgrade to GroupWise 7. I hope you enjoy it!

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