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Installing BorderManager Support Packs

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By Aruna Kumari

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Posted: 27 Jul 2005


This article is intended to solve an issue with the Novell BorderManager 3.8 Support pack upgrade on Netware 5.1 SP6, Netware 6.0 SP3, Netware 6.5, or later versions of NetWare.


In certain cases you may be unable to install NBM3.8 Support packs. The BorderManager support pack checks the PRODUCTS.DAT file to make sure the BorderManager product is installed. If BorderManager is not installed, the support pack installation will not proceed. Sometimes, in spite of BorderManager being installed, it will not get updated or listed in the PRODUCTS.DAT file. That will cause Support Pack installation to fail.

Below is a screen shot of NWConfig, which lists the products installed on the server. This can be viewed by loading NWCONFIG and selecting Product Options > View > Configured > Remove installed products> and pressing Enter.

Figure 1 - NWConfig screen not listing the already-installed NBM 3.8 product

Because PRODUCT.DAT is not listing BorderManager 3.8, the support pack installation will fail.

Figure 2 - NBM3.8 support pack installation failure screen

Solution 1

1. Create any filename with a .IPS extension. For example: SYS:\SYSTEM\UPDATE.IPS
2. Load EDIT.
3. Enter the following two lines in the file:

ProductRecord BRDRMGR, 1, "Novell BorderManager 3.8.0"
ProductRecord BRDRMGR, 0, "3.8.0"

4. Save the file on the server in a folder that has no other .IPS file in it.

Figure 3 - IPS file for creating NBM 3.8 entry in the PRODUCT.DAT file

To install the .IPS file,

6. Select Product Options > Install a product not listed.
7. Press Esc.
8. Press F3.
9. Specify the directory path where the .IPS file will be saved.
Note: Specify only the directory path here, not the .IPS filename.
10. Press Enter.

Figure 4 - Running the .IPS file through NWConfig

After installing the .IPS file, the correct version of NBM 3.8 product should be displayed. To verify this, go to nwconfig > Product Options > View/Configure/Remove installed products and press Enter.

Figure 5 - NBM 3.8 entry created

Solution 2

  1. Find an identical server with the same products installed on it.
  2. Make sure the PRODUCTS.DAT file shows that BorderManager 3.8 is installed.
  3. Copy this file from the SYSTEM directory and paste it into the SYSTEM directory of the server that indicates BorderManager 3.8 is not installed.

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