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Importing German Holidays in SUSE Linux Openexchange Server

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Posted: 2 Apr 2004

To provide users with a German holiday list for importing to their calendars:

Download the following:

These packages are not sufficiently tested and have not been officially released. Use them at your own risk.

Unpack the above file locally with the command tar xvfj SLOX_HOLIDAY_DE.tar.bz2 and import it as user "cyrus" (see "Help", "Groupware settings"). After doing this, all users can import holidays via "Setup", "Groupware settings". Refer to the examples for the suitable file format. The holiday names in these files are only defined for Germany.

To create additional holiday lists that can be imported by users to their calendars, create a text file with the holidays to import. The suitable format for this file can be seen in the following sample extracts from "Deutschland.txt":


or "USA.txt":


Meaning of the columns from left to right:

1) language = import language type (internal use), for private user entries =NULL
2) country = country where the holidays apply or CUSTOM for private entries
3) hdate = date with "YYYY-MM-DD" format
4) userid = NULL for administrator imports (standard),
"user identification (UID)" for a user's private entries
5) description = name of the holiday
6) duration = (always "1", currently not in use)
7) htype = general or private

Make sure your file contains a separate line for each holiday PER year. Separate columns with commas (without blanks). Leave no blank lines. Adhering to the given date format is also very important.

Importing Holidays to the Server:

Verify that a current backup of the mail server is available. Import the holiday lists as user "cyrus" (see "Help", "Groupware settings"). After doing this, all users will be able to import holidays via "Setup", "Groupware settings". In case of a wrong date, correct it in the file and import the file again. Alternatively, dates can also be individually selected and deselected.

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