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Connecting to a NetWare FTP Server over SSL

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By Bill Mercer

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Posted: 27 Jul 2005

PROBLEM: Users want to be able to access files on the server remotely. The NetDrive utility is suggested, however setting up WebDAV is either too difficult or undesirable, and NetDrive doesn't work properly with encrypted FTP.

NetDrive doesn't work for FTP over SSL connections to Novell FTP servers.

SOLUTION: The freeware product CoreFTP Lite, available for download from, is an excellent solution for connecting to a NetWare FTP server over SSL.

The NWFTPD should be configured to require encryption for all connections.

Check out this document I originally wrote for my own users.

It's a step-by-step explanation to an end-user of how to configure CoreFTP Lite for FTP over SSL with a NetWare server. I removed some company-specific information to make it more general, however it does make some assumptions about FTPSERV.CFG:

  • User's default directory on FTP login is their NetWare home.
  • Either users are in same context as the server or the context has been specified.

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