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Setting Firefox as the Default Browser In SUSE Pro

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By Aaron Gresko

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Posted: 1 Aug 2005


I set Firefox as the default browser when I first ran it. When I click on hyperlinks in certain applications, like GroupWise, Konqueror loads. Why isn't Firefox my default browser?


To solve this problem, do two things. First make sure Firefox is set as the default browser and then make sure the file associations for web content are correct for your environment.

To make Firefox the default browser on SUSE Pro, perform the following:

  1. Start Firefox by selecting SUSE > Internet > Web Browser > Firefox.
  2. Select Edit > Preferences.
  3. Select the General tab. The General tab contains a section titled "Default Browser", as shown in Figure 1.
Firefox Edit > Preferences dialog

  1. Select Check Now to have Firefox check if it is the default browser. If it's not the default browser, Firefox will ask if you want to set it as such.
To check file associations in SUSE Pro, do the following:

  1. Select SUSE > Control Center.
  2. Select KDE Components > File Associations.
  3. In the Known Types list, expand text and then select html.
  4. In the frame titled Application Preference Order, select Firefox and then select Move Up.
  5. Select Apply to save changes.
KDE will now use Firefox to launch html documents.

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