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Easy Synching of Contact Info

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By Urs Iseli

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Posted: 4 Aug 2005


In the GroupWise System Address book, the Cell Phone number has to be added as an admin-defined field. When compiling a user address book for synchronizing with a PDA or Smartphone this information is not available in the right place. Users have to copy paste it from the admin-defined field into the cellular phone number field.


Use the LDAP Address book in GroupWise.

Setup an eDirectory LDAP Server and point to it in GroupWise. From there the users can simply drag and drop their company contacts into any personal address book and sync them with any electronic device supported by GroupWise without losing all the important Cell Phone numbers. The configuration can be made by simply adding the information into the registry. Using ZENworks this can be done in a matter of minutes...

step-by-step instructions:

  1. Create a ldap-proxy user in eDirectory with read-rights to the following attributes:
    • CN
    • Facsimile Telephone Number
    • L
    • OU
    • Physical Delivery Office Name (and/or city)
    • Postal Code
    • S
    • SA
    • Surname
    • Telephone Number
    • Title
    • Given Name
    • co
    • mobile (the all important one :-))

  2. Assign this proxy user a password

  3. Open GroupWise Address book, choose Novell LDAP Address Book

  4. Click 'Directories' -> Add...

  5. Define an account name (like corporate LDAP Directory)

  6. Type in the server address of the box which has nldap.nlm loaded, and check 'Server requires login'

  7. Type the fully distinguished name and the password of the newly created proxy user - do not check the 'prompt for user name and password on login' option

  8. Click finish and your directory is ready to use...

how to push this setting out

Since this configuration was made in the Windows Registry, just export the following branch including

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NOVELL\Groupwise\Internet Directory\]

Distribute this settings using ZENworks for Desktops to as many PC's as you like...

A sample .reg file is available here. Edit the settings using any Text editor and importing it to your registry will work too.

the result...

Notice the Mobile-Phone Number is in the right place (not below 'Other'). Now you're ready to drag and drop or copy to any personal address book for synchronizing any mobile device that GroupWise supports.

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