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Posted: 23 Aug 2005

A reader asked the following questions about NSM:

"Can I buy a 500 user license that covers more than one Security Manager Server? Let's say I have one server with 200 users and another with 300 users. Then I decide to change the configuration later, due to site relocations, to 150 users on Server 1, 150 users on Server 2, and 200 users on Server 3.

Also does Novell provide an upgrade path from Astaro 4.0 to Security Manager?"

And here's the response from Novell:

The licensing is per server for the number of devices, as counted by IP addresses (not by Users), that the server supports. So, for example, a Server +500 Devices license can be run on one server only, and up to 500 devices (unique IP) addresses can be supported. In most organizations there will be a strong correlation between devices and users.

Devices are considered outbound traffic - no inbound IP addresses (e.g., from the Internet to a web-server behind NSM in a DMZ) would be counted. On the other hand, the IP address of a user's PC would be counted when that user hits a web site on the internet from behind NSM.

The licenses cannot be split across two servers, so your examples would not be supported. You would need a Server +250 Devices license for the server supporting 200 users (given a 1:1 ratio of users to devices) and a Server+ 500 Devices license for the server supporting 300 users (assuming a 1:1 ratio again).

Novell does not provide upgrade pricing at this time for moving from Astaro v4 to NSM v5.

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