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Getting to Know Open Enterprise Server SP1

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Posted: 9 Aug 2005

Open Enterprise Server SP1 is a second-generation release that builds on the strengths of the original Open Enterprise Server with even greater capabilities in the areas of management scalability, global security, end user productivity, deployment agility, and business continuity.

The product brings even more of the robust value-added services Novell is known for to the Linux platform. It also includes enhanced migration capabilities that simplify the process of moving the entire enterprise to Linux - or introducing it gradually - based on the needs of each organization.

Open Enterprise Server SP1 includes all the benefits of a second-generation release: code enhancements, updated components, performance advancements, and a variety of improvements based on feedback from customers using the first version of the product.

If you're a long-time NetWare user thinking about moving to Linux, Open Enterprise Server allows you to migrate to Linux at your own pace, within a familiar environment, and in a way that leverages your existing hardware and IT skills. With OES, you can embrace Linux without losing the robust services and enterprise-class service and support you have come to rely on from Novell. You can also continue running NetWare (with all the latest enhancements) and leverage the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 servers included with the product as a cost-effective application server solution.

And even if you have no interest in moving to Linux, upgrading to Open Enterprise Server is a strategic move for long-time customers who have relied on NetWare over the years. Open Enterprise Server delivers the latest improvements to NetWare and the option to try Linux any time their IT strategy calls for applications or services that run on Linux. Having options is a powerful business tool, and Novell continues to deliver choice through Novell Open Enterprise Server.

Open Enterprise Server offers significant benefits to customers using Novell products other than NetWare. Those of you using Novell eDirectory and other Novell identity and access management products can leverage the same robust features to provide secure and personalized workgroup, networking, and application services in mixed environments. Specifically, Open Enterprise Server includes eDirectory and Identity Manager 2 components to help you manage files, devices, and enterprise resources in the same secure and efficient manner that you now manage users. Customers using Novell GroupWise and ZENworks can also enjoy the same stellar support and customer experience they've come to expect from Novell.

And even if you currently use no Novell products, there's a lot to gain by deploying Open Enterprise Server. To begin with, you can leverage value-added components (such as iFolder and iPrint) not included in standard Linux distributions. You can also take advantage of intuitive and Web-based tools to manage a mixed environment that may include Microsoft, Unix, and Linux. And you can eliminate many of the licensing fees and security concerns of competing operating systems, and plug into the worldwide, enterprise-class ecosystem of service and support that Novell brings to the Linux market.

What's New

Here's a quick overview of the high points.

iFolder 3.0

iFolder 3.0 now enables file sharing without having to share login and ID information. It also enables users to customize backup for specific files in specific locations through filtering by file type. Also new to iFolder 3.0 are clustering capabilities to provide high-availability so users always have access to the iFolder service. These iFolder enhancements are only available on Linux (based on Mono). Open Enterprise Server customers that use NetWare can continue to use iFolder 2.1 or take the opportunity to deploy an initial Linux server to take advantage of iFolder 3.0 capabilities.

Improved NSS Performance on Linux

This release brings Novell Storage Services (NSS) performance on Linux to a point of parity with its performance on NetWare. In some cases, the inherent efficiencies of open source enable even greater performance on Linux. On either platform, NSS enables fast file performance, enterprise scalability, advanced file access controls, and policy-based file management.

Novell Client for Linux

The Novell client for Linux enables secure authentication, login script support, eDirectory authentication, NCP support, access to services and applications, and drive mapping on a Linux desktop. These capabilities are particularly important in industries like government and higher education, where workstations are often shared among multiple employees.


iPrint enhancements include the addition of the iPrint client for Macintosh and the ability to print directly to a local printer without routing to a print server. These capabilities are particularly useful to small organizations or branch offices who don't need to support a large number of users.

Improved Migration Capabilities

New capabilities make it easier than ever to migrate from NetWare (including the widely-deployed NetWare 6.0) or Windows to OES. The drag and drop interface simplifies the process and lets users model the migration prior to execution, ensuring a successful move.

Generation 2 Benefits

Open Enterprise Server SP1 includes a variety of other code enhancements - many the result of feedback from customers who have used the product. It also includes the latest versions of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (SP2), NetWare 6.5 (SP4) and the Novell Client for Windows 4.91 (SP1). All of these enhancements and refinements enable customers to deploy the product with confidence. Open Enterprise Server can be evaluated without risk via a free download available soon.

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