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How to configure MySQL for NSS File System in OES for Linux

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By Rekha Bhaskaran

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Posted: 24 Aug 2005

Rekha Bhaskaran
Software Consultant


This document describes how to configure MySQL server to use the NSS file system on Novell® Open Enterprise Server for Linux.

Table of Contents

System Requirements
Configuring MySQL
Additional Information

1. Introduction

The MySQL ( database server is one of the world's most popular open source database and is available on OES NetWare and OES Linux servers.

Novell Open Enterprise Server provides Novell Storage Services™ (NSS) File System for both Linux and NetWare® kernels. Its many features and capabilities include visibility, a trustee access control model, multiple simultaneous namespace support, native Unicode*, user and directory quotas, rich file attributes, multiple data stream support, event file lists, and a file salvage subsystem.

This document explains in six simple steps how a MySQL adminstrator or user can leverage NSS file system available on Novell Open Enterprise Linux Server (OES Linux server) to store the database.

2. System Requirements

  1. OES Linux server must be installed with EVMS as the default volume manager. For more information, refer to link given in Additional Information.

  2. During the installation process of Linux server, select "Novell NSS" package. This will install NSS on the OES Linux server.

3. Configuring MySQL

  1. Stop existing MySQL service on the server:
shell> /etc/init.d/mysql stop
  1. Create an NSS volume using the nssmu utility.
    For example, let the volume name be NSSVOL.
    By default, this volume is mounted for use under /media/nss/NSSVOL

  2. Edit the file /etc/passwd, and comment the entry for "mysql" user.

  3. Create an eDirectory user named "mysql"
shell> namuseradd -x <user_context> -g <primary_groupFDN> mysql

For example,
shell> namuseradd -x o=testorg -g cn=admingroup,o=testorg  mysql
  1. Create MySQL data directory in NSS volume, assign appropriate rights. For example,
shell> mkdir /media/nss/NSSVOL/mysql
shell> mkdir /media/nss/NSSVOL/mysql/data
shell> rights -f /media/nss/NSSVOL/mysql -r rwcf trustee mysql.<user_context>.<treename>

where NSSVOL= NSS volume
  1. Create new privilege tables and start MySQL service.
shell> mysql_install_db --user=mysql --datadir=/media/nss/NSSVOL/mysql/data/
shell> mysqld_safe --user=mysql --datadir=/media/nss/NSSVOL/mysql/data/ &

The MySQL server is now configured to use the NSS file system on Novell Open Enterprise Linux Server.

4. Additional Information

  1. MySQL Documentation:
  2. Novell Documentation: Installing Linux with EVMS as the Volume Manager

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