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Migrating from Exchange to GroupWise 7

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Posted: 18 Aug 2005

Migrating from Microsoft* Exchange to Novell® GroupWise® 7
Secure, Reliable Collaboration Within and Beyond Your Organization

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Your collaborative environment is where your work gets done. With an estimated 80 percent of your company's intellectual property flowing through e-mail every day, security is paramount. And because business shuts down when e-mail goes down, it's vital for your collaboration solution to run without interruption. Novell® GroupWise® 7 provides secure, reliable collaboration to drive efficient business. It's the leading alternative to Microsoft* Exchange–and companies are making the switch every day.

secure collaboration for a change

"One of the reasons we chose to upgrade to Novell GroupWise was to maintain stability and security. In seven years, we have never had a serious virus attack or e-mail outage."

—Ron Blakey, director of information technology, The Region of Durham

Without a secure, reliable collaboration system, your business faces serious risks. Beyond lost productivity, consider the negative impact an unreliable system has on customer loyalty and business opportunity. Of course, there's also a very real potential for legal consequences posed by a loss of intellectual property or non-compliance of regulatory mandates.

If you're running Microsoft Exchange 5.5, you're well aware of the ongoing challenges involved with keeping your system secure and available. Unfortunately, changing to the current version of Exchange also means deploying Active Directory*.

By upgrading to Novell GroupWise 7, you can avoid a costly, laborious and disruptive Exchange upgrade that's laced with exorbitant licensing fees and ongoing administration challenges. What's more, you'll gain a far more secure and reliable collaborative environment in the process.

Novell GroupWise 7 is the premier communications and collaboration tool that helps you maintain secure, authenticated communication within your organization, as well as with companies and individuals beyond your firewall. Equally important, its rich security capabilities and streamlined management provide peace of mind for your IT staff.

protection and availability you can count on

Vulnerabilities documented by (March 2005)
- GroupWise: 4
- Notes/Domino*: 67
- Exchange/Outlook*: 287

GroupWise is based on a proven, highly reliable architecture that minimizes downtime. In fact, it has 69 percent less downtime than Exchange. In a February 2005 reliability study of GroupWise customers, 52 percent said they haven't had to reboot their GroupWise system for over six months, and 87 percent have experienced less than 10 hours of unplanned downtime per year. A big part of this reliability is attributable to superior technical engineering and thorough testing, which results in distributing far fewer patches than Exchange has to.

"We periodically look at Microsoft, but Active Directory doesn?t compare to the strength of eDirectory for managing users and objects. We have extreme confidence in our Novell systems. We do intrusion tests twice a year and have watched hired hackers get into a Microsoft environment, but they have never been able to break Novell."

—Annetta Smith, vice president of information systems, Harbor Federal Bank

Companies that require exceptional security and reliability choose GroupWise. In fact, many government agencies and industry leaders in the healthcare, airline, financial services and banking industries choose GroupWise as their collaboration solution for this reason. GroupWise 7 keeps critical data secure and people productive by doing the following:

  • Supporting all major security standards, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (S/MIME), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Offering tight integration with leading anti-virus and anti-spam solutions
  • Providing built-in redundancy features?such as LDAP pooling?to keep essential services available to your users, even in the rare event of a system glitch or hardware failure
  • Working with Novell eDirectory?, the foundation for many of the world's largest identity management deployments and the directory of choice for more than 30,000 companies

the value of efficient administration

GroupWise 7 gives you the best in communications and collaboration capabilities while minimizing the cost of implementing, managing and maintaining a high-performance system. Here are several ways GroupWise 7 helps your IT staff work smarter:

  • A single GroupWise administrator can easily manage more than 10,000 users; in fact, several GroupWise administrators currently manage more than 20,000 users each.
  • GroupWise can handle a load capacity up to 200 times greater than that of Exchange, reducing your hardware acquisition and management costs.
  • Adherence to new regulatory requirements helps you manage business risks.
  • The GroupWise licensing model is more flexible and affordable than that of Microsoft Exchange.

native outlook support

GroupWise Outlook Connector supports Outlook 2002 and 2003, allowing you to use the Outlook front-end to access these features:

  • E-mail, tasks and notes
  • Calendaring with Busy Search
  • Shared folders
  • "Today" view
  • ActiveSync* support (Palm*, PocketPC)
  • PST files
  • Offline mode (GW caching)
  • Delegated support (proxy)
  • Signatures
  • Personal and system address books

migration made simple

"We save a tremendous amount of money with Novell licensing. I stopped counting at $500,000."

—Brian Diegan, vice president of information technology, First National Bank of Pennsylvania

MeritCare, a Midwest healthcare system provider, recently migrated 6,500 users from Microsoft Exchange to Novell GroupWise over a single weekend. Today, a new GroupWise Migration Utility makes it even easier to switch from Microsoft Exchange 5.5 or Outlook 2000 (or later). The GroupWise Migration Utility uses a simple, automated process to place current user data directly into the GroupWise database and automatically create eDirectory accounts for new users. It supports these data types:

  • E-mail, calendar and tasks
  • Outlook journals
  • Attachments
  • Address books (contacts)
  • PST files

open means choice and flexibility

"GroupWise is head and shoulders above Microsoft Exchange. My peers at other organizations describe problems with their Exchange e-mail systems that I don?t even think about. And now that GroupWise is supported on Linux, we will enjoy additional savings on collaboration."

—Steve O?Brien, director of information technology operations, Jefferson County, CO

Collaboration by its very nature involves multiple people, technologies, products and companies. As an open, multiplatform collaboration environment, GroupWise preserves your IT investments and keeps your options open for the future. That's the power of open standards and open APIs.

Maybe you're migrating to Linux* to gain increased flexibility and lower your total cost of ownership. Maybe you're looking to improve security and business efficiency while reducing management expense. Whatever your reasons, here are several important points to keep in mind:

  • You can run GroupWise 7 on NetWare?, Windows* or Linux servers. (Both SUSE? LINUX and Red Hat* are supported.)
  • You can gain support for a vast array of clients, including Evolution?, Windows, Linux and as well as WebAccess and an Outlook plug-in.
  • You can solve your business problems with value-added business solutions and technologies from third-party developers and the open source community that easily integrate with GroupWise 7.

GroupWise 7 enhanced and new features

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