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Sorting out Sorting in GroupWise 7

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By Susan Salgy

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Posted: 23 Aug 2005

We've received a few questions about sorting and thought it would be good to clear things up.

Q: Can you sort by emails with attachments? I send a lot of attachments to our group and I'd like to be able to sort the sent view by those emails with attachments. This would be helpful in the Contacts-History tab also.

A: Sorry, but there's no way that we know of to be able to sort by the presence of attachments. It's an interesting idea; we'll pass it along to the engineers for future reference.

Q: Can you do a sort using multiple categories? I'd like to sort by a person and then the date [within their name].

A: Not exactly. You can only sort by one column at a time. However, there's another way for you to find what you're looking for: email from a specific person, sorted by date. The trick is that you Filter first, then Sort. Here's what you do.

  1. In the Filter field, type the person's name. This will hide everything in your mailbox except stuff to or from that person.
  2. Then click the Date column heading to sort them in ascending or descending order.

Q: What things can I sort by?

A: You'll be astonished to see how many things you can sort by. (Just not, er, attachments...) To see a complete list:

  1. Make sure your Folder List is displayed. (View > Folder List)
  2. Right-click on the folder you are interested in (like Mailbox).
  3. Choose Properties > Display > More Display Settings.
  4. Look in the Sort by drop-down list for the full enchilada.

We recently conducted a Sorting CONTEST to find out how you guys are using Sorting to make your life easier. Here are the entries. Congratulations to Ray Spencer, Dan Martin, and Penny Karasch -- the lucky winners of the iPod Shuffles.


Ray Spencer

I use most of the GroupWise options extensively. To facilitate searching through the clutter in my Sent Items, I have defined the following additional "Find Results" Folders:

  • Sent Appointments (an absolute boon when I have to reschedule!)
  • All Appointments (for sent as well as received; displayed in text, rather than Calendar, mode - saves having to scroll through my Calendar when looking for a particular Appt)
  • All Notes
  • All Tasks

These folders allow me to find particular items a lot quicker, without having to go the "Filter" route. I have also advocated to users who schedule many appointments - secretaries and the like - that they use the "Sent Appointments" idea. We then adapt the display options in the Sent Items folder to display only Mail, Tasks, Notes, and the Sent Appointments to display only - you guessed it!

Another permanent "Find Results" folder I find extremely useful is for virus-related messages - I have used the "Advanced find" options to pick up "Mail" items with "Virus" in the subject. When a user has a panic attack about a virus, it's a simple matter to find what communication has taken place about that particular virus in the past.

We also advocate that users display the "Size" field in their Mailbox view - they can see at a glance where the problems lie when we start bleating about cleaning out large messages - although the "Mailbox size" button at the bottom of the screen since GW6 has made this even easier.

Rearranging the default column headings in the Mailbox views to show the "Date" first (normally the logical primary "sort" key, anyway) and using the short-date format, allows more efficient use of the screen. The "Date", "Size" and "Name" fields can then be set to a practical minimum, and the "Subject" field can take up the rest of the screen - to allow for the dear souls who don't know the benefits of concise subjects.

Sorting in the Address Book is a whole art on its own - I recommend using the "Name" field, and dropping the "First name" and "Last name" fields completely, to free up space for other useful fields. Sorting on "Domain" makes cleaning out the Frequent Contacts - something we encourage users to do regularly, as we've found that this is where most of their addressing problems arise - a piece of cake.

Elizabeth Hudson

First I create folders for the letters that I think I might use again. That way a lot of sorting isn't necessary. I like to keep a very clean mailbox consisting of anything that hasn't been opened yet. Once an email has been opened and acted on and placed in the appropriate folder, I simply search for it by the date.

Penny Karasch

I actually end up using FIND because I give my email good SUBJECT names either when I send them or I "PERSONALIZE" them.

For example, I always send purchase requests, but often have to reference back to them, so I name them all beginning with PRF-XXXXXXXX, ie, prf-shoes, prf-pants, prf-shirts. Then when I want to sort (and aren't we sorting usually to find something?) I just do a FIND on IF SUBJECT CONTAINS PRF and that's all I get are those emails.

While sorting is okay, I still have to look through all the SORTED subjects, when in reality, if the subjects get named right at send time or personalized upon receipt - I can FIND easily.

Another idea is to create custom filters to sort out everything but the types of things you're looking for. For example, if I want to sort my emails by those with the same subject, I create a custom filter of email with subject of that name. Then whenever I want to easily locate emails, I just choose the filter I developed for that subject.

Dan Martin

Working for an Investment Firm, contacts are very important. Keeping in touch with banks and businesses is a key function of our sales staff. Many organizations have more than one contact. Sorting by Company/Organization is one of the most productive ways to keep in contact with multiple clients from each company. This allows the sales rep. to see what contacts are available for each business and make sure communication is complete.

Anthony Kazmierczak

Attachments can be easily sorted if you assign a category named "attachments."

Neil Ramlachan

Though it is not currently possible to sort by Attachment, you can filter the names you want and sort by file size. You might get some large HTML e-mails but most of the larger ones will have attachments.

D. Shane Mays

Sorting by emails with attachments can be accomplished by including Size as a column and sorting by size. Emails without attachments are relatively small and therefore at one end of the sort. Emails with attachments are at the other.

Daniel Tangring

I often use sorting by size. It's a very good way to stay away from having a full mailbox. It's easy to see where those megabytes went. (large ppt pdf and movie files)

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