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Posted: 27 May 2004

For SUSE Linux versions up to 7.3 change the file /etc/rc.config.
For SUSE Linux 8.0 and later, change /etc/sysconfig/clock as follows:

local: GMT="" GMT: GMT="-u"

Make sure you choose the right timezone.

To set the time, use the date command, such as "Thu Jul 10 19:09:00 MEST 1997":

date 071019091997
(Format: MMTTSSMMJJJJ ) or with the ISO-format:
date -s '1997-07-10 19:09:00' +'%Y-%M-%d %T'

Settings of the CMOS-clock

The clock command writes and reads the CMOS clock. If you choose GMT for the CMOS clock, you have to set the clock command always with -u. e.g.:

+/kfr $ clock -ur
Thu Jul 10 19:15:10 1997
+/kfr $ clock -r
Thu Jul 10 17:15:11 1997
+/kfr $
reads the appropriate timezone value and changes it to local time. Therefore the value is wrong. With
clock -uw
the CMOS clock receives its settings from the system clock.

Note: always choose Unix Single User Mode in the settings, in order to avoid problems with programs like make, rcs.

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