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By Richard Smith

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Posted: 29 Aug 2005

Richard Smith
Developer Content Manager
Novell, Inc

I'm certain many of you have used Slashdot ( for keeping up with current events, both technical and just plain cultural. The "News for Nerds. Stuff that matters." tagline pretty well lays out what Slashdot is all about. But maybe you weren't aware that Slashdot has a section that highlights content of a developer-related focus.

With everything from developer-related tools announcements to just commentary on developer topics, there are links to information from a very wide variety of sources. The Slashdot advantage is that links to this information can be found in a single place, saving lots of time searching for up-to-date news.

Just today there were three excellent articles linked on

GPL v3 Coming Out in 2007? dealing with the possible update of the GPL licenses in the coming years by the Free Software Foundation. This links to an excellent ZDNET article that addresses not only the plans for this update but also many of the concerns around changes in the GPL.

Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games a book review that of the book by John David Funge dealing with AI in games for developers. Reviews such as this can help prospective buyers to better gauge if a certain book would be of benefit to them. You'll find frequent book reviews posted on Slashdot.

What are the Next Programming Models? links to an article on the Coldfusion Developers Journal website by Sim Simeonov regarding strategies for establishing programming models and some thoughts on possible future changes in software development methodology. A very interesting read.

Slashdot provides an excellent resource for anyone in a technical field, developers included, and for me is a daily part of my routine (even on weekends, sadly to say) so that I can keep abreast of what is happening. Along with a large number of mailing lists (far more than I likely need!) services like Slashdot can help you make better use of your limited time.

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