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Running Apps from the System Tray

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By Scott M. Morris

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Posted: 29 Aug 2005

Applies to:

  • Platforms using KDE 3.4

When I'm working on my desktop, I find that it gets cluttered very quickly. The taskbar gets overrun with buttons from all the applications that I have running. Several of these programs are running continuously throughout the day. Is there a way to migrate those to the system tray rather than taking up space in my taskbar?

This is a question that I have had for quite a while. For a while, I used a sweet package called alltray to accomplish this. However, since the release of KDE 3.4, this is no longer necessary. This feature comes as part of the desktop. It is also very easy to implement. I'd like to demonstrate this for anyone else who might need this functionality.

One of the programs that I have running all the time is my email client, Thunderbird. So, let's look at how to make Thunderbird run from the system tray. I'm going to right-click on the Thunderbird icon in the kicker panel. When I select PROPERTIES, a small window appears:

Select the APPLICATION tab, and click on the AVANCED OPTIONS button in the lower right corner:

Another small window appears. Tick the PLACE IN SYSTEM TRAY checkbox:

Then, click OK until all dialogs are closed.

Now, you can run Thunderbird, and the icon appears only in the system tray when Thunderbird is minimized:

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