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Posted: 31 Aug 2005

Here are some of the features in the new Novell BorderManager 3.8.4 beta release:

VPN Services

  1. Removal of DS dependency from start-up.
  2. IP address for certificate retrieval is now supported.
  3. Xauth Hybrid and PSK mode support introduced.
  4. NAT Traversal supported.


  1. Proxy.cfg setting and display settings can now be viewed on the Proxy Screen.
  2. Mail Proxy logging - a logging facility has now been added to mail proxy.
  3. Client Trust Single Sign-On for the BorderManager proxy is now available in NLD.
  4. Support has been added for HTTP1.1 header transfer encoding.
  5. Authentication Session failover is now supported in clustered proxy configurations.

3rd-Party Update

64-category support is provided to N2H2 customers by supporting CSP-4 protocol.

To download the newest beta version, visit:

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