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Automating eDirectory Updates with ZENworks

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By Martin Irwin

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Posted: 21 Sep 2005

Each patch now contains a software package available for you to compile for the eDirectory patch version you have selected. Simply copy the eDirectory patch into the directory c:\EDIRPATCH and expand it. Using the ZENworks Server Software Package GUI, select the first component, go to the Copy Files tab, browse to the NetWare directory to select the entire directory and then compile it.

There is a white paper that addresses all concerns you have with automating edirectory patches and upgrades, by showing how the award-winning Novell ZENworks software can tier, schedule and automate the distribution of Novell patches. With ZENworks Server Management 7.0 policy and distribution services, you can use these Novell templates for sending patches out, tailor them to suit a particular environment or even write and compile your own patches for any third-party software you may run on your servers.

This truly is a integrated solution with edirectory patch too. The STARTUP.ILS file checks for the existence of the temporary ?ZFS? product entry in PRODUCTS.DAT and?if it exists?sets a ?ZFS? variable to TRUE. This variable is used to determine if the script is running in the unattended mode, which allows message prompts and inputs to be skipped. See the white paper to find out how to get this set and voila your on you way to saving hours of time patching your servers!

Check out the white paper today!

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