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Automating GWCheck for Cached/Remote Mailboxes

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By Matt Ray

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Posted: 21 Sep 2005

Part of the problem and some of the complaints that I've received about GroupWise Caching is user maintenance. "When I go to caching, I no longer directly control my users databases, or at least the ones on their hard drive." This article discusses some of the ways you can automate the maintenance of your GroupWise user's cached mailbox. These ideas can also be used for your remote mailboxes.

GWCheck, GroupWise's Database Maintenance program can be run in batch mode, so the easiest way to run GWCheck, say on a monthly basis, is to use Microsoft's Scheduled Tasks (Accessories, System Tools, Scheduled Tasks) and a simple batch file to run GWCheck. Similar to how Scheduled Events are run, you could configure Windows to run a batch file on a monthly basis to clean up the GroupWise Cache. Here's how.

First go into GWCheck and set up your settings. See below. Then, save this option file as cache.opt.

Now, to the batch file. Just a simple batch file that runs
gwcheck /o=cache.opt /batch

Now go to the scheduled tasks menu and create a task to run once a month or once a week. This helps to maintain your cached (and remote) mailboxes and avoid calls from your users to repair their mailboxes for them. You can also clean up their cached mailbox this way, using an expire/reduce in a similar fashion.

I recognize that there are probably more complex ways of delivering this same solution, such as ZENworks and other application delivery agents, however this is a quick and dirty way to get the job done. You could also use this method to administratively repair/reduce archive and remote mailboxes. Let your imagination run wild, and as always, I'm still open to receiving emails at

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