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Kate: Cool Tips and Tricks IV

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By Scott M. Morris

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Posted: 21 Sep 2005

Over the last while in this series, we have been looking at the features of Kate, a great text editor for KDE users. In the previous article, we looked at some of the particularly cool options for making Kate behave how we want it to. This time, we'll explore more of these settings so that we can really customize Kate to our liking.

To begin, fire up Kate. Then, go to the SETTINGS menu, and select CONFIGURE KATE. You will see the CONFIGURE - KATE window appear:

In the first article in the Kate series, I talked about the tabs down the left side of the Kate window. If you select the FILESYSTEM BROWSER tab, you will see a miniature version of the Konqueror filesystem browser. At the top of this pane, you will see a small toolbar:

Wouldn't it be cool to configure the components of this toolbar? In the FILE SELECTOR section of our CONFIGURE - KATE window, we can tell Kate what buttons we want to appear in that toolbar. There are about ten buttons you can choose from. One of the cool ones is the CURRENT DOCUMENT FOLDER button, which will take the FILESYSTEM BROWSER window straight to the folder of the document you have open in Kate. Snapshot of these preferences:

In that first article of the Kate series, I talked about the DOCUMENTS tab, also on the left side of the Kate window. I mentioned that the most recently edited document in the list would be the darkest blue. Also, the most changed document would be the darkest pink. If you want to change those colors, you can go to the DOCUMENT LIST option in the left pane of the CONFIGURE window. Then, on the right, the options appear for you to configure these colors, or disable the feature altogether:

In the second article of the Kate series, I talked about keyboard shortcuts. If you would like to see a more in-depth list, or if you want to change them, this can be done from the CONFIGURE window. Select the SHORTCUTS option from the pane on the left. The list of shortcuts appears on the right. You are free to modify these shortcuts to fit your liking:

There are several more options on the left of this window that we haven't looked at. Feel free to browse through them and set your preferences how you want them. After all, one of the strong points of KDE and Linux in general is configurability. I hope this series on Kate has been insightful and helpful to you. Enjoy Kate in all its glory.

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