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Sample Code - Modifying Attributes with LDAP and Python

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Posted: 12 Oct 2005

This code snippet shows a simple function that will modify attributes of an object using LDAP and Python-LDAP.

You can also find this sample code at:


handle = a connection handle as returned by __connect

dn = string representation of the DN of the object to be modified

attrs = list of tuples that specify the changes to be made. Each tuple contains three values:

* one of ldap.MOD_ADD, ldap.MOD_DELETE, or ldap.MOD_REPLACE depending on the action desired
* string representing the schema attribute type (i.e. "instantMessagingID")
* string or list of strings representing the value(s) to add, replace, or delete. If a delete, "None" will delete all values in a multi-valued attribute.

So, a valid value for attrs could be: [ (ldap.MOD_ADD, "instantMessagingID", "babybumkins") ].

See the python-ldap documentation for more details.

Sample Code

import ldap

def __modify( handle, dn, attrs ):
    if not handle:
        return False
    handle.modify_s( dn, attrs )

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