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Kopete: Instant Messenger Client for KDE

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By Scott M. Morris

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Posted: 27 Sep 2005

Applies to:

  • Platforms using KDE

Instant communication is kind of a callsign of our day and age. We can get information across the globe in a matter of seconds. Much of this information is transferred through the Internet in the form of chat, email, web browsing, and file transfers. I'd like to take a few minutes to introduce one of the more fully developed chat applications, Kopete.

First, let's make sure you have it installed. Open up YAST and search for a package called kdenetwork3-InstantMessenger. When it comes up in the right pane, tick the checkbox next to it. Then, click ACCEPT:

Now, let's run it. Click on the K Menu, then INTERNET, then CHAT, and finally KOPETE. Note that it may also be called INSTANT MESSENGER:

Enter Account Information

The first time you run Kopete, it will present you with a dialog box. It is here that you enter your different instant messaging accounts, such as MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ, Groupwise, or IRC:

To add an account, click the NEW button that is up towards the upper right corner of the window. The ADD ACCOUNT wizard appears. Click NEXT to get started:

The first thing you need to do is select the type of account that you are adding. If you have an AOL Instant Messenger account, select AIM. Likewise, if you have a Yahoo! screen name, select Yahoo. If you do not yet have an instant messaging account, select the type you would like to create. You'll be able to create one in the next step. When you have selected the appropriate account type, click NEXT to continue:

You are then taken to a page where you are asked to enter the account information:

If you already have an account, enter in your screen name here. If you want Kopete to remember your password, tick the appropriate box, and enter your password. If you need to set additional preferences, click on the ACCOUNT PREFERENCES tab. Normally, you won't need to do anything with this tab.

If you do not yet have an account, and would like to create one, you may click on the REGISTER NEW ACCOUNT button. This will take you to a web site that will allow you to create an account. When you are done creating the account, close your browser and enter your new account information into this screen.

When your account information has been entered, click NEXT:

You will see that the Account Wizard is now finished, with a couple of check-boxes. If you want to use a custom color for this account, tick the appropriate check-box and select a color. Also, if you want to connect immediately, tick the CONNECT NOW check-box. When you're ready, click the FINISH button.

If the KWallet window appears, leave the radio button set to BASIC SETUP and click NEXT. At the next screen, click FINISH.

You can now close the Kopete account management window. You should now be looking at the main Kopete Buddy List window:

You see that there are three groups automatically created. Also, note the icon representing your account in the lower-right corner of the window. In this case, it is a little blue AIM running man representing my AOL Instant Messenger account.

Add Buddies

The next thing that you'll probably want to do is to add buddies. This is quite easy. Click on the ADD CONTACT button in the toolbar. It will be the second button from the left:

The Add Contact Wizard appears. Click NEXT to begin:

In the top box, enter the contact's name as you want it to appear in Kopete's buddy list. This does not have to be the screen name of your buddy. This name is so you will recognize who the buddy is in your buddy list. Put whatever you wish here.

Next, select a group to put the buddy into. Alternatively, if you wish to create a new group for this buddy, you can click the CREATE NEW GROUP button. When you are ready, click NEXT:

In the screen that appears, you are prompted for the screen name of the buddy you wish to add. In my case, it is asking for an AOL Instant Messenger screen name. So, the buddy's screen name that I'm adding has to be an AOL Instant Messenger (or AIM), screen name. Just make sure that you add the right type of screen name as Kopete prompts. You cannot add a Yahoo! screen name to an AIM account type.

Once your buddy's screen name has been entered, click NEXT:

On the next window, click FINISH.

When you have added your buddy, and your buddy has added you, send a message or two back and forth. When Kopete registers everything, your buddy should show up in your buddy list as being online:


Instant messaging can be a fun experience, especially with a well-designed instant messaging client like Kopete. It's a great application that can fill all your messaging needs. This time, we've gone over the basics of getting it installed, running it, putting in your instant messaging accounts, and adding buddies. Next time, we'll start looking at more of the advanced features of Kopete and ways to customize it.

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