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Basics: Howto Configure an ADSL modem and USB printer

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By Stomfi

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Posted: 13 Oct 2005

Question: I am a newbie to Linux. I have this computer connected to the net via telstra bigpond, Windows 98, Thomson Speedtouch 530 modem, ADSL. I have a 20 gig harddrive in a removable tray. In another 20 gig, removable tray, I have SUSE 9.1 installed. I cannot for the life of me connect to the net. I can access YaST but can't configure anything. I want to be able to connect via SUSE to the internet. I need to know step by step how to do this. What are the settings? I can't access my Vuega Brisa 340 U Scanner/Copier. Do I have to connect to the net and then download more software for SUSE? Can't get the printer Epson stylus C43 UX to work. Same deal? Connect and then download more software? Ultimately, I want to use SUSE exclusively. My aim is to install the drive with SUSE as the operating system and to have the other drive installed just for storage.

Answer: For SUSE

Since you are going to cross over to SUSE, it would probably be a good idea to alleviate many of your problems by adding a fixed drive for the SUSE partitions. You could then install "grub" on your Windows drive (/dev/hda in Linux) and dual boot to either Windows or SUSE. Removable drives are best suited for data which can be mounted when required, as the job of an operating system is to manage all your hardware resources from the motherboard up to the peripherals, of which a removable drive is one.

I use the same ADSL modem as you, and as talk around the community advises not to use USB as it tends to slow down the computer, I configured it under Windows 98 to use an Ethernet card with DHCP and the modem's Ethernet port.

Under SUSE 9.2 and 9.3 (using YaST. You have to give the root password) the Ethernet port is configured for DHCP and the modem sets up the IP on boot.

You should be able to see your modem settings from your browser like this:

Lucky for you, I also have an old C43UX which I configured under YaST.

These are all the relevant screens:

Make sure that your printer is turned on and connected before you click Printers. Sometimes if it doesn't appear in the next screen, you can unplug and replug the USB connection.

Any new printers should appear in the top right pane. Mine is already configured here, so I've clicked the change button to show you the settings.

This is a selection screen. I've selected the Epson and clicked "Edit"

I can't show you how to set up your scanner, but it shouldn't be difficult using YaST.

The only trouble I can foresee is any caused by using a removable drive. Since you live in Victoria and are not far from the beautiful city of Melbourne, you could visit Computerbank Victoria for some additional help in installing SUSE on a fixed drive and setting up your peripherals with YaST. Just mention Tom Russell from Computerbank Queensland. You can find them on the web at

I don't know how old your computer is, but if you are using at least a P2 400Mhz and at least 512MB, I suggest you upgrade to SUSE 9.3.

Since you are a newbie you might like to read my book review at

Kind regards, Stomfi

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