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Korn: A Monitor for Your Email Accounts

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By Scott M. Morris

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Posted: 13 Oct 2005

Applies to:

  • SUSE Linux Professional 9.3
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9
  • Novell Linux Desktop 9

One of the great features that KDE offers is a little email notification applet called korn. It runs from your system tray and checks your various email accounts to let you know when email arrives. This can be useful if you like to monitor your accounts from your desktop with minimal effort. I'd like to demonstrate how to set this up to monitor a gmail account.

First, let's make sure you have it installed. Open up YAST and search for the package called kdepim3. When it comes up in the right pane, tick the checkbox next to it. Then, click ACCEPT:

Note for users of SUSE Linux, SUSE Linux Professional, or openSUSE: If you search for this package and it does not show up, you may want to enter some additional installation sources into YAST. A list of installation sources is available here, and an article on how to use them can be found here. Be advised: These installation sources will not work for Novell Linux Desktop or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Now, let's run KOrn. Open the K Menu, then SYSTEM, then DESKTOP APPLET, and finally KORN:

Note that you can run it by pressing ALT+F2 and typing 'korn' in the box that appears.

The "Korn Configuration" box appears. First, give the box a name, and click the ADD button. You'll see the name appear in the list-box in the middle of the window. Next, select that new account, and click the EDIT button:

Another box appears. Click on the EVENTS tab. Tick the "Show passive popup" check-box at the bottom. Also, if you wish, tick the "Add date to passive popup" check-box below that:

Next, click on the ACCOUNTS tab, select your account, and click EDIT:

Another small window appears. In the PROTOCOL drop-down, select POP3S. In the SERVER box, type, and the PORT box should say 995. In the IDENTITY section below, enter your username. If you want KOrn to remember your password, tick the respective box and type in your password. Your box should look something like this:

When it does, go to the ACCOUNT tab and enter in the interval, in seconds, at which you'd like to have KOrn check your mailbox. When everything is satisfactory to you, click OK. You are taken back to the previous window, where you can also click OK. Click OK again on the last window.

This makes a small icon with a 0 (zero) in it appear in your system tray:

If you right-click on this icon, you will see several options:

The first option, CONFIGURE, takes you to the configuration screen that we used to set up the account. The rest of the options in this menu are pretty self-explanatory.

When you receive an email, you will see a popup appear like the following:

KOrn is a great little applet. It sits in the system tray taking up very little system resources, checking your email once in awhile. When there's an email waiting, it shows a small notification. Perfect for your email notification needs.

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