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Support GroupWise on Linux with Free GroupWise Webaccess Administration Menu - From GWAVA

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By GWAVA, Tay Kratzer

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Posted: 25 Oct 2005

WebAccess Administration Menu - From GWAVA, is a free BASH Shell script that runs on the Linux platform. I made it the other day, because a customer of mine was struggling to remember all the commands (ok, I was struggling too : )) that were needed to configure and run the GroupWise 7 WebAccess Application on their OES Linux server. The Menu has a couple of purposes:

  • Make supporting GroupWise on the Linux platform easier.
  • Teach the commands that are used to start, stop and configure the GroupWise WebAccess Application.
  • Encourage interest in using the BASH scripting Language. (FYI, Tay will be presenting a beginner's class on BASH Shell Scripting at GWAVACon 2006.)

The WebAccess Administration Menu has no dependencies, except that it is only tested to run on Novell Linux platforms.

General Operation

  1. The user executes the "wamenu" script, either as an icon on their desktop, or running from a terminal session, or in an SSH session.

  2. The user selects an action from the Main Menu, and presses the "Enter" key, or mouse-clicks on the OK button. The Main Menu is shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1 GroupWise WebAccess Administration Menu - From GWAVA - Main Menu

  3. The action is executed, and a dialog box comes up that shows the user the results of the action, as shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2 Log Menu

  4. The "Exit" button on the Main Menu exits the program. The "About" button brings up the screen in Figure 3 that shows the origin of the software, and how to modify the script. The Exit button in the Log screen shown in Figure 2, takes the user back to the Main Menu.

    Figure 3 About Menu

  5. Menu choice 6, "Modify WebAccess Configuration File" calls the GNOME editor utility pointing at the webacc.cfg. The GNOME editor only works in an X-Windows environment, so if you are coming through a TUI access solution such as SSH, then option 6 won't launch an editor, but you will get information as to what path the file is at. Figure 4 shows the error you will see.

    Figure 4 Trying to Launch a GUI Editor From an SSH Session

Installation & Configuration

  1. Download the "wamenu" BASH Shell script from here.
  2. Consider putting the script in the /usr/sbin directory so that it is in the search path.
  3. Make the script executable, for example: chmod 777 wamenu
  4. Consider creating a desktop icon to execute the script. Using a KDE Desktop on a OES Linux server, the steps to do this are:
    1. Right-click on the desktop.
    2. Select Create New > File > Link to Application.
    3. Make a description for the link.
    4. Click the "Application" tab, and select the browse button and browse to wamenu.
    5. Select the "Advanced Options" button, and select "Run in Terminal".
    6. Fill in other details and change the desktop icon if you so desire.


The wamenu script is designed to work with the default GroupWise 7 WebAccess Application installation paths and configuration. However, the script can be easily configured to accommodate changes. Just open up the script into your favorite editor on the Linux server, for example:

kwrite /usr/sbin/wamenu &

Make changes to the section that starts with "#CONF SECTION BEGIN", and ends with "#CONF SECTION END".


The WebAccess Administration Menu from GWAVA makes administering GroupWise on the Linux platform easier. The utility is just a BASH Shell script, and completely customizable. And if you dare to open the script into an editor, and start modifying it, watch out: Linux and BASH are so much fun, you'll be hooked! You can view the script by clicking here.

FYI: Tay Kratzer and Erno de Korte have completed the Novell Press, Novell GroupWise 7 Administrator Solutions Guide, and it is supposed to be in print in November 2005. We'll let you know when it is available.

If you have any questions you may contact Tay at or

For more information about GWAVA, visit

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